Telefónica is the first Ibex 35 company to be certified in the new National Security Scheme by AENOR

·The company leads among the country's Ibex and telecommunications companies in adapting to the Royal Decree of May 2022, which promotes improved security systems in the cloud.
·The operator has certified the maximum security of the 58 services of Telefónica España's commercial catalog that meet the different needs of the Administration and companies in terms of systems, data and communications.

From left to right: María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cybersecurity and Cloud at Telefónica Tech, Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR and Adrián García Nevado, B2B general manager of Telefónica Spain.

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Telefónica has become the first Ibex 35 company to obtain the certificate from the independent entity AENOR for complying with the requirements of the new Royal Decree RD 311/2022 on the National Security Scheme, which came into effect in May 2022.

In addition to establishing the minimum conditions for the secure and adequate provision of information systems, solutions and the data they produce, the new regulations introduce a new family of measures for cloud services. And the principle of continuous monitoring has been incorporated to detect potential attacks as early as possible.

“This certification, the first in the Ibex and for a telecommunications company in Spain, is a very relevant milestone for us as it legitimizes our actions in favor of a more secure digital business and public environment. As evidenced by the more than 300,000 offices and headquarters of companies and public bodies that are connected and managed by Telefónica in our country,” says Adrián García Nevado, general manager B2B of Telefónica Spain.

“Cloud and Cybersecurity are enabling technologies and are part of a company’s business management decisions at the highest level. Obtaining this ENS 2.0. certification in services, such as the private cloud VDC in Cloud, and the management and support of devices in Cybersecurity shows our very high level of demand in the services we provide and our maximum commitment to our customers,” says María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cybersecurity and Cloud at Telefónica Tech.

For the CEO of AENOR, Rafael García Meiro, “AENOR has granted 240 ENS certifications since 2013 and is the first entity accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) in the new version of the scheme. In Telefónica our auditors always find an organization oriented to the forefront in matters of cybersecurity and technological services, aware of its important role as a tractor of good practices in the overall economic fabric.”

Telefónica España is also the company with the largest number of information systems and services in the highest security category by AENOR in the National Security Scheme. In total there are 58 services that respond to the different needs that Public Administrations and companies have in terms of security management, cloud solutions, digital workplace, voice and IoT networks (Internet of Things), messaging, Internet, Content or Call Centers.

Among the benefits provided by the ENS, the following stand out: proactive management of security incidents, the creation of conditions of trust for Administrations and citizens to fulfill their duties digitally and the development of a framework environment with common measures and controls that imply a protection for national cybersecurity.

This certification process recognizes not only Telefónica España’s services, but also those provided by Telefónica Tech, and has been carried out by more than 200 professionals from different areas of Telefónica, such as security, engineering, after-sales, service development, maintenance, and certifications.

More information about the Certificates can be found at this web address


AENOR contributes to the transformation of society by creating trust between organizations and people, through conformity assessment services (certification, inspection and testing), training and information. It is the leading certification body in Spain.

As a global entity, it operates in 87 countries in certification, verification, validation, inspection, analysis, training and information services. Currently, more than 87,000 workplaces hold one of AENOR’s certificates in fields such as Quality Management, Sustainability, Occupational Health and Safety, Digitalization, Animal Welfare, Verification of Non-Financial Information or Compliance.


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