Telefónica brings the transformative power of telecommunications to MWC

• The company will attend the Mobile World Congress with an innovative proposal focused on showing that it is transforming communications networks into digital platforms ready to offer new services tailored to customers' needs.
• Telefónica will attend the Barcelona event with a stand of almost 1,000 square metres that will host five demonstration areas that will include different sector transformation proposals with solutions aimed at making companies' lives easier, more efficient, safer and more sustainable.
• The Agora will once again take centre stage with 25 different activities, including live demonstrations, talks and presentations, with the participation of more than 50 top-level speakers.

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Telefónica will attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the 2023 edition of which will be held in Barcelona between 27 February and 2 March, with an innovative and comprehensive proposal that will showcase the transformative power of telecommunications in the new digital era. The company will focus on showcasing all the possibilities that its technological solutions and services provide to society and companies to make progress and development possible, a reality that will be highlighted by the different use cases that it will present at its stand and in the sessions that will take place in the Agora.

‘Making things happen’ will be the main message of Telefónica. Following this idea, the company will participate in the MWC to highlight that the same capacity for transformation and innovation that has marked its history is now, almost 100 years after its founding, driving the company in the purpose of transforming its networks to turn them into service platforms and prepare them to take advantage of all the opportunities that the current technological revolution brings with it.

It will also focus on showcasing solutions and use cases aimed at making the lives of businesses and, by extension, society as a whole, easier, more efficient, safer and more sustainable. In this way, Telefónica will also demonstrate at MWC its commitment to progress based on innovation, sustainability and inclusion, with technology at the service of people.

1,000 m2 of physical stand and an innovative immersive experience

The 952 square metres of Telefónica’s stand at the MWC will be at the service of the innovation and success stories that the company will make available to its visitors.

This year, those attending the MWC in person will be able to visit Telefónica’s extended stand, which will allow them to enjoy an innovative immersive augmented reality experience. Thanks to this technology, with HoloLens 2 glasses, in addition to seeing the physical stand live, visitors will be able to access a tour, accompanied by a guru in holographic format, to discover Telefónica’s capabilities through all the demos presented by the company. With this immersive action, extra layers of visual information are added to the reality that visitors have in front of them and people get an insight into how they will be able to relate to their environment in the future.

Five demos to demonstrate that everything is possible

Telefónica’s stand will host five demo areas, each of which will focus on showcasing the value and capabilities of the company’s services and solutions.

The ‘Making Network as a Service happen’ demo will show how Telefónica is transforming its networks into interoperable and programmable platforms through open and standardised APIs, enabling a new wave of innovation for developers and digital service creators.

Telefónica will also bring its 3D holographic telepresence system to MWC with the ‘Making Holographic Telepresence happen’ demo. Telefónica is combining 5G, edge computing and fibre technologies to enable its holographic telepresence system. The technologies follow each other to achieve a 3D augmented reality experience for the person who enters the capture room.

‘Making Smart Agro happen’ will be the demo with which Telefónica will showcase its technological capabilities to deploy precision agriculture solutions, smart irrigation management and traceability and certification of the agricultural production process thanks to the application of IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud and blockchain. To this end, the company will recreate a vineyard at the stand with IoT devices for monitoring climate and soil conditions and remote irrigation control, allowing real-time monitoring of a crop in Galicia from Barcelona, three use cases will be staged (smart irrigation, disease prevention and field notebook) in which visitors can experience first-hand the agronomic decision-making process, and finally, information on the production process will be available by scanning the QR on the wine bottles.

The ‘Making Smart Industry happen’ demo is a simulation that represents a digital twin designed to optimise quality in the production of industrial parts and with the capacity to make decisions in real time thanks to 5G technologies, edge computing, data analytics and machine learning. This experience will feature a robotic arm from KUKA, whose movements are synchronised in real time with the virtually reproduced arm, and with a dashboard that makes it possible through simulations to improve productivity while maintaining the quality of the manufactured parts.

The ‘Making Metaverse happen’ demo will allow you to experience the possibilities that web3 and the metaverse offer through the ‘Movistar Immersive Experience’ app, available on the Meta Quest glasses. It will offer a complete visit to a ‘Movistar city’ that will be divided into different spaces to enjoy and experience new television content, visit a virtual Movistar shop or browse through virtual worlds.

The Agora as a source of inspiration and debate 

Another fundamental part of Telefónica’s presence at the MWC will be its Agora, the auditorium in the stand that serves as a meeting point for experts and the public to share the stimulating combination of the most innovative technologies, such as 5G, cloud, IoT and edge computing, and of the real success stories that the company shows and explains to raise awareness of the solutions and services it makes available to companies and society.

This year, the Agora will host 25 activities, including sessions, presentations and live demonstrations that will not only provide an in-depth look at the demos already shown at the stand, but also additional ones that will make it possible to learn more about use cases and applications of the technology. The Agora will also be the stage for relevant announcements about new actions and spaces for innovation and technology by Telefónica, which will take advantage of the stage provided by the MWC to reinforce its digital leadership with these new developments.

In total, more than 50 top-level, highly qualified speakers will be featured on an agenda that will be available to all those who attend the MWC in person. They can also be followed on one of the additional channels specially created by Telefónica for the occasion, such as the virtual recreation of the physical stand through Microsoft’s AltspaceVR platform, which anyone interested can access through virtual reality glasses or simply with a computer, or the new LivingApp that will be incorporated into the TV menu for Movistar Plus+ users. Both options will be available from 27 February.

The participation of Telefónica executives, experts and technicians will be reinforced by their presence in the agenda of sessions organised by the GSMA. They will take part in more than 20 presentations, panels and debates, including a keynote address by José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman of Telefónica, on the morning of 27 February.

Three digital notebooks

Telefónica’s proposal at MWC 2023 is completed with three digital notebooks that provide a detailed account of the solutions, services and success stories that the company not only makes available to different industries and sectors, but also to society as a whole.

To this end, the notebooks, which will be available on Telefónica’s website dedicated to Mobile, will cover the contributions of technology to progress, sustainability and innovation.

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