Movistar+ presents Movistar Campus, a new edutainment app

Movistar+ expands its range of TV applications with the creation of Campus, thus consolidating Movistar’s commitment to the digital home supported by excellent connectivity.

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  • The new Living App for TV offers Movistar+ users a wide range of contents to learn from home in an entertaining and convenient way.
  • Movistar Campus provides an opportunity for creators of edutainment to bring new experiences to the millions of Movistar+ users through television.
  • Fostering digital education and skills is one of the priorities in Telefónica’s Digital Deal to reduce inequality by means of investment in education and its modernisation.

Madrid, 10 February 2021.- Movistar+ expands its range of TV applications with the creation of Campus, thus consolidating Movistar’s commitment to the digital home supported by excellent connectivity. The new Living App includes a wide range of edutainment contents. Movistar+ users will initially enjoy free access to a selection of contents that will be progressively expanded, including language learning, cooking master classes and training in finance, photography and technology.

Digital education has soared in the wake of the lockdowns around the world imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. During these periods, users have discovered digital training contents, particularly in video format, as a productive and enjoyable way of making the most of their time.

“Education is becoming one of the keys to the digital home. With these types of educational contents, we want to diversify the experiences that our customers can enjoy via their televisions beyond traditional entertainment contents.  These experiences are the Movistar+ Living Apps, which also constitute a window for access to other Movistar services, tv-commerce and all kinds of services that we want to develop in cooperation with our partners”, declared Antonio Guzmán, director of Digital Home at Telefónica’s Chief Digital Consumer Office.

Through Campus, Movistar offers its partners a new channel to bring their edutainment contents to their customers via television and thus enhance its relationship with them. Campus and the other Movistar+ Living Apps are available to 1.3 million Fusión customers who have the UHD set-top box, representing a potential audience of 4 million users. Telefónica also offers the battery of cloud tools required to develop and customise the applications, as well as technological advice from its engineering teams.

The first digital platforms that have included contents in Movistar Campus are, among others, Magistral, with a wide range of topics ranging from photography to home economics, Podimo, a platform specialising in podcasts and audiobooks, Duolingo, for learning languages, Domestika, with contents for creatives, and Zonavalue, offering courses with financial advice for companies and individuals.

Movistar Campus also includes contents provided by Miriadax, the first Ibero-American MOOC platform promoted by Telefónica Educación Digital, and ThinkBig, Telefónica’s technology, innovation and entrepreneurship blog.

Digital education is one of the pillars of Telefónica’s Digital Deal, which advocates a reduction of inequality by means of investment in education and the promotion of its modernisation. In this regard, contents of this kind can be of great help for workers’ professional retraining and complementary education and for reducing the gap between the traditional educational offer and the demands of the labour market.

Other contents included in Movistar Campus:


House of Chef





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