Movistar Centre in Barcelona brings the MWC closer to the citizens

● Telefónica, Samsung and Xiaomi will present their new products at the Movistar flagship store in Plaza Catalunya at the same time than at the Congress.
● Visitors will be able to learn about the latest developments in mobile terminals and proposals in areas such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Open Gateway and Metaverse.
● With virtual reality glasses, citizens will access a recreation of Telefónica's physical stand at the MWC and will be able to take a tour of its demos.
● This space is open for free at Movistar Centre until March 2nd.

Movistar Centre in Barcelona brings the Mobile World Congress closer to the citizens

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During the celebration of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will begin in Barcelona next Monday, Movistar Centre in Plaça Catalunya will offer a special programming that will be open until March 2nd to bring citizens the latest developments in mobile technology presented at the congress.

The initiative ‘Una Ventana al Mobile World Congress’ will bring to the city center the innovations presented during the MWC by Telefónica, Samsung and Xiaomi, bringing the latest innovations in mobile technology closer to citizens.

Samsung and Xiaomi will have special exhibition areas, with their own promoters who will explain the features and news of their new products, organizing demonstrations, contests and promotions.

A showcase full of innovation and technology

Through a screen located at Movistar Centre, Telefónica will broadcast live the presentations and round tables that will take place in the Ágora of its stand at the Mobile World Congress, which will address topics related to digitalization, 5G, Open Gateway o Artificial Intelligence, as well as cases studies for tourism, mobility, logistics, health, industry, holographic solutions, water management or smart agriculture, among others.

In the Immersive Experience area, the user will be able to take an immersive tour of the Telefónica stand at the congress through Oculus devices.

With the Meta Quest, immersive virtual reality glasses, users will be able to enjoy experiences with family and friends in a multi-user environment; visiting the Movistar virtual store; watching the Okuda San Miguel artwork; exploring the Movistar Plus+ content area, some of them recorded with a multi-camera; immerse yourself in the Movistar Dome stadium with sports content of the highest quality, making use of the Open Gateway QoD API that prioritizes the device’s traffic on the home WiFi network; watching original Movistar Plus+ series like ‘El Inmortal S2’ and discovering more about the characters; tour the Telefónica building on Gran Vía (Madrid); or participating into an Escape Room.

Users also will able to enjoy an immersive experience in Telefónica World, the first virtual world created by Telefónica in Meta Horizon Worlds; it will be possible to create a sculpture, assemble a puzzle or give lectures. In this environment it is also possible to navigate the Telefónica Theme Park World, a virtual world that will offer different fairground and skill games.

And in Spatial, the virtual space that allows you to interact with people from all over the world in real time, the company has created its Innovation & Talent Hub, an immersive space where it is possible to enjoy different Telefónica’s immersive activities and events. It will also recreate a replica of Telefónica’s physical stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to visit the stand, follow the presentations live and learn in detail about the demonstrations presented by Telefónica at the congress.

Last generation devices and contests

Samsung will bring the new Galaxy S24 devices to the Movistar Centre. In addition, attendees will be able to learn first-hand about the capabilities of artificial intelligence thanks to Galaxy AI technology or immerse themselves in the Photo Assist challenge to live experiences with the opportunity to win different prizes.

Xiaomi’s activation at the Movistar Centre will have two phases. The first one will begin with the presence of the new Xiaomi 14 Series in teaser mode with the simulation of the phone case in large dimensions with a bow, to move on from February 26th to undo that bow and discover what is inside of that box: a personalized interactive experience to learn in depth about all the features of Xiaomi 14 Series.

In addition, there will be raffles in which all participants will receive a photo jumping on a trampoline with the Barcelona skyline in the background, as well as a surprise gift.

Chema Casas, general director of Telefónica in Catalunya, points out: “One more year we have opened the Movistar Centre in Plaça Catalunya to the citizens so that they also can see in real time the new developments presented at the Mobile World Congress. We have brought together two of the main leading manufacturers in this sector in our flagship store in Barcelona to show their latest developments while they are presented to the professionals who gather at the Congress. In addition, we will also show live the activity carried out at the Telefónica stand at the MWC”.

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