Miríadax (Telefónica) launches new courses on professions with a future

Miríadax, the first massive learning platform in non-English, an initiative of Telefónica Educación Digital, launches new courses and itineraries completely online in the professions with the greatest employment future, such as cybersecurity and digital marketing.

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  • Cybersecurity and digital marketing, applied from esports or Instagram, are profiles in demand by companies that are not being covered due to lack of training and skills.


Madrid, July 21, 2021. Miríadax, the first massive learning platform in non-English, an initiative of Telefónica Educación Digital, launches new courses and itineraries completely online in the professions with the greatest employment future, such as cybersecurity and digital marketing.

Digitalization, in addition to contributing to economic and social recovery, is allowing the creation of new sources of employment that are intrinsically linked to its implementation in companies. More than 90% of SMEs are strengthening their digital presence, which is generating a gap between supply and demand in different profiles – and it is becoming very difficult to find talent with the competencies and skills required for the associated challenges.

According to Fundación Telefónica’s Employment Map, of the ten most in-demand professions that are not being filled due to a lack of specialists, cybersecurity technicians have an increasing number of vacancies that are not being filled. On the other hand, this area is precisely one of the most critical, since any company, regardless of its size, can be involved in delicate situations both for its operations and with its clients’ data and information.

“We no longer talk about professions of the future because the future is here and now,” says Rosalía O’Donnell Baeza, CEO of Telefónica Educación Digital. “Digitalization is unstoppable and we have to be prepared. It is not possible to stop learning and platforms like Miríadax offer us the possibility at a click of a button to access knowledge and skills that are in demand in the professions with the most future,” says O’Donnell.

For this reason, Miriadax joins forces with Hack by Security, a company specialized in cybersecurity and ethical hacking, and opens the Offensive Computer Security Course (CSIO), of 235 hours, in which students will learn from fundamental concepts of ethical hacking to advanced techniques of target recognition, analysis and exploitation of vulnerabilities to perform penetration tests and computer security audits, being able to hold positions such as ethical hacker, pentester or cybersecurity auditor.

All this always guided by an expert e-teacher who will accompany the participants to collect public information of a target using different tools and services; to perform a scan of services, ports and vulnerabilities; to distinguish false positives from real vulnerabilities; to exploit bugs on labs and virtual machines or attack Linux/unix machines, Windows workstations and servers in different scenarios so that they can practice and learning is as practical as possible.


Digital marketing in new channels

Another of the new professions that are increasingly in demand in the labor market is digital marketing through new channels that allow diversifying promotional initiatives for products and services. This reality forces professionals to be constantly updated to design more effective communication campaigns that engage in direct communication with consumers and in their language.

eSports are an example of this. They have not only consolidated their position in the gaming sector, but also in the marketing field due to their ability to generate links and the conversion rates that are obtained because they are based on their attractive narrative. For this reason, Miríadax incorporates the workshop Marketing in esports: how to take advantage of the new forms of digital entertainment, in which through three synchronous sessions students will learn from professionals about their characteristics and particularities, as well as the opportunities to incorporate gamer marketing in a long-term strategy and how brands can introduce it into their business strategy.

On the other hand, Instagram, since its birth in 2010 as a simple repository of images, has been mutating into a multi-format network that promotes visual digital cultures with its own language and fully integrated into the different marketing strategies. For those, who wish to deepen in the different types of formats, post, story, reels, etc., in the singularities of its moderation policies, or in the “grammatical” elements of the platform and visuals such as stickers, emoticons, hashtags and GIFs, or in the key terms of instagrammers that are striking for companies, the University of Huelva, teaches in Miríadax, the Instagram course for future creators.

In addition, Miríadax offers more than 200 courses, itineraries, such as Fullstack Web Development with JavaScript and Node.js or quality professional deepening programs, focused on upskilling and reskilling, so that organizations and their people can develop in the current context of digital transformation.


About Miríadax

Miríadax, an initiative of Telefónica Educación Digital, is among the top 5 e-learning platforms worldwide, being a benchmark for online training in Spanish. It currently has more than 7.6 million registered students, more than a hundred educational partners and a teaching community of more than 3500 teachers.

About Telefónica Educación Digital

Telefónica Educación Digital is the Telefónica Group company specialized in offering comprehensive online learning solutions for Education. It has 350 Digital Education professionals in Spain, Brazil and Peru and more than 300 customers in Europe, USA and Latin America.


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