We are revolutionising training as a driver of transformation in digital society with our corporate university Universitas

At Telefónica we have always placed people at the centre. We know that they are our main value and the driving force behind our mission to make our world more human by connecting people's lives.

José María Álvarez-Pallete

José María Álvarez-Pallete

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Our roots are in communication, in telecommunications. It is our past and our history, and our future lies in connection. Connecting people, connecting information, connecting knowledge and talent, connecting emotions, connecting feelings and, in short, connecting lives. A connection that has to be bidirectional, outwards but also inwards, as an intrinsic requirement of the digital society we are promoting. And in this journey, the continuous learning of our teams is crucial to successfully face the challenges of the future with a fresher, more innovative and transformative outlook. 

A pole of attraction for talent

Today we are taking an important step in this crusade, because we are presenting a concept that is a world reference in the field of learning, which is integrated into the Innovation and Talent Hub announced on 19 October. This is the new Universitas, a great pole of attraction for talent and one of the most avant-garde and revolutionary learning environments in the world, consisting of a powerful digital platform and a physical campus that we have inaugurated today and which is located in the heart of the District.

The new campus, which is part of the Innovation and Talent Hub announced in October, has 2,000 square metres and all the necessary technological equipment to provide the best training and learning experience for our teams so that they can grow both in the mastery of their digital and human skills, as we are aware that it is values that must govern a digital transformation where technology is at the service of people, and never the other way around.

Power of Connections, connecting with our culture

Universitas will also be the setting for another step in our journey towards Telefónica’s centenary. This learning ecosystem is the basis for the launch of the Power of Connections programme, which is a global initiative to inspire, connect and align the more than 100,000 people who form part of our teams around Telefónica’s purpose, vision and culture. Because if anything defines us as a company, it is our values, our legacy and our mission for the future, in which each and every one of us on this journey must participate.

Power of Connections is a great challenge for all of us, which we face with enthusiasm and the conviction that people are the main value of this digital ecosystem that we are promoting on different fronts.


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