Telefónica as seen by Ramiro Lopetegui, Head of Internal Communications at Telefónica Spain

Find out more about Ramiro Lopetegui, head of internal communications at Telefónica Spain.

Meet Ramiro Lopetegui, Head of Internal Communications at Telefónica Spain.
Ramiro Lopetegui

Ramiro Lopetegui

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How long have you been with Telefónica and what is your assessment of your time here?   

This year is my 22nd birthday at the company and I feel very proud to have been able to develop a large part of my professional career with this great team and in such an important sector for people’s lives as telecommunications and entertainment.   

Is there any project at Telefónica that you are particularly satisfied with or proud of?  

During this time, I have worked in two main areas: Advertising, where I have spent practically my entire career and where I would highlight the launch of the “Fusión” portfolio and all the campaigns that developed high value for the company; and Internal Communication, where I would highlight all the initiatives of the Reskilling programme. The largest internal talent development programme launched by a Spanish company.   

Where do you see Telefónica from birth?  

Once again leading the technological revolution that artificial Inteligence and new forms of communication, holograms, VR… will bring.  

Could you live without a mobile phone?  

Of course, and I hope to get rid of it during all the holidays. I think that one of the things we still need to learn is how to disconnect from technology.   

Help us solve one of the great enigmas of humanity: the potato omelette… With onion or without onion?  

Both, of course.   

Nominate another colleague to appear in this section.   

I nominate Fernando Sánchez Esteban from People communication. 

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