Telefónica Open Gateway Early Adopter Program: exclusive access to new Telco APIs

Our program for developers of digital services who want to have exclusive access to a new generation of telco services, through open interoperable APIs in a real environment that can affect millions of Telefónica users in several countries.

Early Adopter Program
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Registration for the program is free and is via this form, available at, the programme is part of a global project in which operators will open up access to their telco capabilities to developers, cloud service providers and businesses in general through interoperable network APIs (Application Programming Interface) based on industry open standards.

These standardized APIs help democratize access to network innovation capabilities with a single line of code, to reduce development times and achieve greater scale by making a single call to an API usable across the entire network created by the telecoms industry.

A program with Telco APIs for service developers

Now with Telefónica Open Gateway, part of the industry initiative presented by the GSMA at MWC23, it is possible to develop new use cases based on new network and telco services like 5G connectivity, communications, web3, etc., in collaboration with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Vonage. And all free of charge and with access to a complete service developer’s kit with all the tools and documentation needed.

APIs will be available from the marketplaces of major digital businesses, so that developers can create and enrich services across a multitude of areas: Fintech, Identity, Anti-Fraud, Smart Mobility, Gaming, eHealth, Metaverse, and many others.

The integration of telco capabilities opens up a world of infinite possibilities: better experience during games and concerts in stadiums, better online gaming experience, autonomous drone control, more secure financial services and remote surgery with XR. Those use cases are based on an initial family of Telco APIs already available to drive new experiences in high-potential areas such as optimisation of connectivity, communications, and security in financial services, as well as privacy and security in general.

Early Adopter Program Phases

Telefónica will select a number of service developers to start creating, defining and testing new real use cases with network and telco APIs exclusively and free of charge.

Those developers may be small or large businesses that are developing commercial services, startups, application providers, businesses developing services for internal consumption, areas of innovation, etc.

The phases of the program are:

  1. Evaluation and selection: registration and selection of service developers
  2. Exploration: free access to our repository of telco APIs.
  3. Integration: development of real use cases on our network services.
  4. Impact: in millions of real users

The program is free and provides pre-commercial access to a repository of APIs to develop real use cases on Telefónica’s network services. All the rules for the programme and Telefónica’s value proposition in the context of Open Gateway can be seen at

So what do you get as a service developer?

By participating in the programme, the service developers selected will have free access to Telefónica Open Gateway’s pre-commercial APIs .

They will also be able to test and validate selected use cases to generate end-to-end services for end customers (B2B and B2C).

They will be able to experiment with high-performance network capabilities, including high-response and low-latency computing, to create applications of use to end users:

  • Connectivity: enable control of service quality on mobile and Wi-Fi networks (throughput, latency, congestion).
  • Fraud control: enable the obtaining of information for devices such as roaming status, approximate location, change of SIM and phone number verification.
  • Payments: enable the ability to make payments charged to the carrier’s invoice.

With registration to the programme, the developers will also get a complete developer kit with all the tools: SDK, code samples, documentation and user guides with support for queries or incidents throughout the process.

How to start testing the QoD Mobile API

The Quality on Demand (QoD) API will be a key feature of future networks in order to offer users new bandwidth-intensive, low latency, real-time services. This is an area in which the role of cloud service providers and aggregators will be key.

By way of inspiration, Telefónica Open Gateway’s Early Adopter Program offers Mobile QoD API which allows to present the control over the quality of service of mobile connectivity (throughput, latency, congestion). This QoD Mobile API provides more accurate control of connectivity quality of service.

With the QoD Mobile API, video calling, virtual meetings and webinar services can be enriched; new online gaming and mobile gaming services can be enhanced and created; new applications can be developed with XR technologies in medicine and health; and the experience at concerts and sporting events can be enhanced.

Each service developer will be able to determine which use case they want to test and once registered in the programme they will be able to find the installation instructions and a complete example project in JavaScript in their own repository on GitHub. Registration for the program is done through this form.


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