Telefónica boosts its digital security strategy

José María Álvarez-Pallete has inaugurated the first meeting of the recently created Security and Cybersecurity Advisory Council.

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Miguel Sánchez S.V

Global Chief Security and Intelligence Officer, Telefónica


José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman & CEO of Telefónica, inaugurated the first meeting of the recently created Security and Cybersecurity Advisory Council a few days ago. The aim of this Council is to reinforce the company’s digital and comprehensive security strategy, as well as to play an important role in the protection of its own assets and the data of its customers.

This Council includes executives of recognized prestige in the field of information security, cybersecurity and technology. Its members include Javier Solana, former Minister of the Government of Spain and former Secretary-General of NATO, Mike Rogers, former U.S. Congressman, former member of the Intelligence Committee of the United States Congress and former member of the FBI, as well as other personalities such as: Alberto Yepez, Rodrigo Antao, Charles Brookson, Karsten Nohl, Idoia Mateo or Ignacio Cirac, member of the Telefónica S.A. Board of Directors.

On the part of Telefónica, its Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chema Alonso and Miguel Sánchez, Global Chief Security and Intelligence Officer of Telefónica, will also be participating on the Advisory Council.



Telefónica has decided to actively collaborate with third parties and have the best experts and professionals of the sector and, through this Advisory Board, promote new ideas and experiences in the field of cyberspace, learn about new threats and analyse new defence mechanisms, in order to improve the strategic guidance and direction of the company’s security.


The Council will support the company’s digital and comprehensive security strategy.


Against the new risks and threats of cyberspace, digital security has turned into a priority matter for Telefónica, and for this reason, it recently announced its participation in international business initiatives, such as the cybersecurity group constituted within the framework of the European Round Table (ERT), or its participation in the formation of the prestigious Tech Accord.

The ERT cybersecurity group tackles issues related to IoT security, intelligence in the face of cybersecurity threats, the need for coordination between the public and private sectors, the situational risk alert system and the digital transformation. 

On the other hand, the Tech Accord is a cybernetic technology agreement based on a public commitment between more than 40 global companies to protect and empower citizens on the network, improve the security, stability and resilience of cyberspace and also to fight against cyberattacks.

Telefónica’s commitment is to continue to take advantage of the current resources available in terms of security, as well as to continue to strengthen future alliances that improve the technical collaboration between different companies, always for the benefit of our customers.

This continues to move forward. And at Telefónica… we continue!



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