“Technology has taken on a projection of which we are not aware,” José Alberto Román

Meet José Alberto Román, B2B channel manager. Discover his professional career and personal vision of the company.

Meet José Alberto Román, B2B channel manager.
José Alberto Román

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How long have you been with Telefónica and what is your assessment of your time here? 

I have been at Telefónica “officially” since July 2023, although in reality my previous company, Canal+, where I had been since 2008, was bought by Telefónica in April 2015 and since then we have been in contact with TdE.  

Joining Telefónica, and more specifically in my case “Distrito”, has been like Paco Martínez Soria’s films when he parodied someone from a small town who came to the city and arrived with his suitcase at Atocha… obviously it’s exaggerated, but at the beginning, everything about this company is impressive: processes, number of people, day to day, car parks… etc. Fortunately, you soon get used to the environment and start working with all your colleagues and all the areas with which you have to interact.  

Is there any project at Telefónica that you are particularly satisfied with or proud of? 

Everything related to volunteering and helping society or the company’s responses to emergency situations. I think that the role played by TdE is exemplary in terms of the aid initiative and, above all, the involvement of the colleagues who form part of the company.  

What do you think Telefónica has contributed to society? 

Well, it has been and still is the company that provides communication between people with an infrastructure behind it… which is something to be said soon… However, users “don’t care” about what’s behind it, they just want to communicate, do business, have coverage and data, etc. TdE is behind all of this. 

Where do you see Telefónica in the future? 

It is very difficult for me to answer this question, because I believe that technology has taken on a projection that we are not aware of and I also believe that Telefónica is in a dilemma that is difficult to choose …. Are we “just” infrastructure for the new technologies that are coming, or can we play a more active role in these technologies, how will geopolitics influence in the medium term, etc.? I understand that Telefónica will be part of what is for sale and depending on the strategy chosen we will take one path or another because what I have no doubt about is that we have to choose what we want to be in the medium term.   

Could you live without a mobile phone? 

No, not really. For me, the mobile phone is a facilitator of my daily life, from something as basic as communication to something “more complex” like making doctor’s appointments for my children.   

Help us solve one of humanity’s great enigmas: the potato omelette… With onion or without onion? 

Please…. What a question… of course wirh onions. Although I am not a fundamentalist… the most important thing about an omelette is that it is good. From my point of view it is one of the most difficult dishes in Spanish gastronomy, it is impressive that with only 4 ingredients there are so many differences between one tortilla and another.  

Would you nominate another colleague to appear in this section? 

I would nominate Sonia Chas, María Martín or Itziar Busto, colleagues from Canal+ and people who are a joy to work with. 

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