Reptiles in Distrito Telefónica

In the Telefónica District we find a great biodiversity of animals. We will be describing them from the less visible ones such as insects or molluscs to the more visible and audible ones such as birds.

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Globally, reptiles represent more than 6,500 species. Reptiles make up a huge and diverse group of animals ranging from the famous dinosaurs to today’s crocodiles and turtles. It is worth noting that reptiles were the precursors of birds and mammals.

In Spain, the fauna of reptiles (and amphibians) is closely linked to their habitats, which is why they are sensitive to any alteration, whether due to degradation or contamination of their environment. They are animals that need warmth to maintain their body temperature, so they usually go out to sunbathe.

There are two types of reptiles that can be seen in the Telefónica District: lizards and geckos.


Rock lizard Podarcis muralis

Medium-sized, with a length of 5 to 7cm, somewhat robust and with a slightly flattened head. The back is usually brown, greenish-brown or even grey with dark spots. Head-body length is usually between 5 and 7 cm.

They are found in all areas, but are best seen near the stone banks in both central areas.


Common gecko Tarentola mauritanica

It looks like an amphibian, but it is a large, robust, brownish or dark grey reptile. It can reach 19 cm in length. It has flattened toes with a series of lamellae that make it cling to various surfaces, both upright and upside down. It feeds on insects, mainly moths.

The photo is not very good, but you can see its fingers. I was able to see it by chance among the benches in the central area between West and North. It is a diurnal and nocturnal species that comes out to sunbathe early in the morning and spends the rest of the day under the rocks or among the stones.


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