David del Val shares Open Gateway milestones and reveals new key partnerships

Celebrating Telefónica’s 100-year anniversary, David del Val took to the Agora of the Telefónica stand at Mobile World Congress 2024 at Barcelona, to discuss, together with relevant partners, Open Gateway and its great progress so far within the telco industry.

Discover how Open Gateway has evolved and which are the new key partnerships that are integrating Telefónica's Telco standardized APIs.
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This is how Open Gateway has evolved this year

As the Global Director of Open Gateway David del Val, discussed the ever-evolving ecosystem of the initiative, with CAMARA standardized network APIs being deployed via hyperscalers, aggregators and integrators in order for them to be used by the developers in the easiest and fastest way possible in their digital products and services.

The amazing progress was highlighted by 47 operator groups now supporting the Open Gateway MoU, covering more than 65% of global mobile connections. Moreover, there are now 6 national multi-telco launches completed across the world; Brazil, Germany and Spain (where Telefónica has their footprint), Indonesia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. These multi-telco launches are vital to the success of GSMA Open Gateway, as by exposing the same standardized APIs allows aggregators and developers to just need one API key to access the network capabilities of all the telcos within a country. After introducing the current and future APIs that are and will be available, David del Val went on to explain how Open Gateway is a driver for future 6G specification. The requirements of developers to create the services of the future are often related to network capabilities. By working with companies and developers through Open Gateway, Telcos can start to learn and understand where the networks can be improved for future generations and serve developers better.

New Telefónica Open Gateway anti-fraud use cases presented at MWC 2024

Next, David announced a strategic alliance between TikTok and Telefónica, and was joined on stage by Michael Modon (Global Head, Product & Mobile Partnerships, TikTok), to discuss the solutions that the two companies are planning to develop together using Telefónica Open Gateway APIs. Michael discussed the importance of TikTok’s user experience, and how they need to ensure their platform is safe and secure. He highlighted how the Number Verification and Know your Customer APIs can help with these issues and announced their intentions to start working with Telefonica Open Gateway in Brazil before expanding to other markets.

Brazil is a key area for Telefónica Open Gateway and our telco brand Vivo, that’s why David invited Debora Bortalasi (B2B Executive Director, VIVO) to the stage to discuss the importance of Open Gateway APIs for the market in Brazil, in particular in the area of anti-fraud, and how they can solve business critical challenges.

With this mind, two Vivo customers who are currently using Open Gateway APIs in Brazil, frete.com and Itaú bank, joined David and Debora to explain their specific use cases and how the APIs are improving their services.

Federico Vega (CEO, frete.com) explained how for the freight company frete.com, they need to carry out a huge amount of background checks of their drivers, during onboarding and at other specific times. The Know your Customer-Match API allows them to do this in a quick and efficient way, to confirm the data of their drivers and avoid fraud.

Albert Lang (B2B Executive Director, Itaú) highlighted the challenges that come with digital innovation, and how for big banks like Itaú, part of this challenge involves maintaining and ensuring security standards to fight banking fraud. Itaú uses the SIM Swap API as an anti-fraud measure to check if a request is coming from a phone number that has had its SIM changed recently, which is an indication of fraud.

In the last part of his keynote, David Del Val described the important role of system integrators for Open Gateway, as it is these integrators that often provide solutions to big corporations integrating key technical abilities, including APIs, into their solutions as part of a bigger offering. To detail this issue further, Pablo Benito Martin (Technology Consulting Partner, Deloitte) and Antonio Galdo (Sr. Director, Solution Engineering, Salesforce) were invited on stage to discuss their work with Open Gateway APIs and their real use cases.

Pablo Benito Martin explained how Deloitte is critical as an integrator for B2B business, and how they can develop more customized solutions for big corporations alongside Salesforce, to ensure Open Gateway APIs can be integrated seamlessly into B2B solutions. Antonio Galdo presented a real demo that Salesforce has built with Deloitte focusing on tourism and implementing many Open Gateway APIs.

Start transforming your business with our Telefónica Open Gateway programs

David Del Val concluded by highlighting that Open Gateway APIs are here and are real, and now is the time for Developers to start using them. Through the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program and Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub, companies can start to transform their business and developers can begin to create new and exciting new use cases, in partnership with Telefónica and with powerful APIs that unlock network potential.


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