This is how Lucas Vidal composed ‘Suite Telefónica’, the company’s new sound identity.

What does the iconic Abbey Road have to do with Telefónica? Find out in this article.

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As part of Telefónica’s Centenary, the company recently presented its new sound identity, ‘Suite Telefónica’, composed by Lucas Vidal. 

Suite Telefónica’, recorded at Abbey Road

Suite Telefónica’ was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, where numerous groups have recorded some of their albums, such as Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson, U2, Amy Winehouse or Red Hot Chili Peppers among many others.

But if one group made Abbey Road popular, it was undoubtedly the Beatles, both for having recorded most of their discography there and for having named one of their last albums after it.

Moreover, the album’s cover photo featured the four members of the band crossing the zebra crossing on the street of the same name, in what is one of the most recognisable images in the history of music.

Such is the level of popularity that this pedestrian crossing has reached that it has become an essential part of tourist visits to London, and there is even a camera that permanently broadcasts the activity at this point in the city.

Suite Telefónica’, the company’s soul and purpose

As José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman of Telefónica, said at the presentation of the company’s sound identity, “Suite Telefónica captures the soul and purpose of the company and gives it a sound of its own, which is exactly what we wanted. It captures the legacy accumulated in our 100 years of history and at the same time projects us into the future we aspire to, where it will accompany us from now on”.

According to the press release on the matter, Vidal was inspired by sounds from the operator’s century-long history, from the connections of telephone operators to automatic switchboards to new technologies such as fibre optics and 5G.

Lucas Vidal, an international composer for ‘Suite Telefónica’.

For the prestigious Madrid-born composer Lucas Vidal, the challenge of composing the sound identity of a company like Telefónica has been “a challenge and an exciting project” when it comes to musically reflecting the past, present and future of the company.

Vidal is especially well known not only nationally but also internationally for composing operas and soundtracks in Europe and the United States, a work that has won him two Goya awards (for the main theme of “Palmeras en la nieve” with Pablo Alborán and for the soundtrack of “Nadie quiere la noche”) and an Emmy (for the composition of the theme song for the ESPN channel for the Olympic Games).


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