How can companies use the metaverse?

From improvements in purchasing and customer experience to an increase in industry security, the metaverse can aid in business development.

cómo pueden las empresas utilizar el metaverso
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Although some of the best known examples of metaverse may seem that the progress and development of this technology is more related to leisure or entertainment, there is also a professional aspect beyond these two sectors.

In addition to the job profiles associated with the metaverse, there are other possibilities for business development with the common feature that it can be adapted to all types of companies and sectors.

The necessary commitment to creativity and technological innovation that this development will imply will also mean a before and after in the relationship between consumers and companies.

Here are some examples.

Shopping and improvement of the customer experience

In the metaverse, virtual environments will also be created in the field of shopping, where consumers will be able to try out products, choosing the ones they want to buy thanks to an immersive experience based on technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality.

In addition, it can bring with it a personalization of the customer experience that can substantially improve it.

Due to the decentralized nature of these virtual worlds, access to stores can be provided from anywhere in the world, eliminating barriers and including the possibility of internationalization for businesses.


The possibilities (and even the ways) of teleworking can change substantially in these virtual environments, being a step forward in the current teleworking formulas, which can also help those who work regularly from home not to feel alone by being accompanied by more people in the virtual office.

The development of these virtual offices can bring some associated advantages such as cost reduction (both in supplies of physical offices and savings in the purchase or rental of buildings) and improved real-time communication between the different members of the workforce.

Virtual currencies

The irruption of cryptocurrencies is going to imply changes in the banking world, since transactions in this sector are going to be modified.

It will also mean a change in interactions in the metaverse, since this virtual money for spending in virtual environments will be able to be used both to buy products in the real world and in the virtual world.

Productivity and training

Although it is true that it could be applied to other sectors, it is perhaps in industry where the importance of this productivity and training associated with the development of the metaverse is most evident.

Thanks to the use of virtual simulations, companies can anticipate results and even save costs by being able to change strategy or assembly lines with 3D models.

These spaces will help to improve the safety of the company, the training of the workforce and will also serve to improve the prevention of occupational hazards.

The holding of events and conferences, although not strictly training, is also one of the possibilities offered by the metaverse for companies to attend talks, visit stands or establish professional contacts.

In addition to having an obvious advantage in reducing costs and logistical inconveniences, it also serves to increase reach and potential accessibility by breaking down geographical restrictions.


Both for companies directly and for users indirectly, the development of the metaverse will have an increasing presence and relevance, also pushed by the implementation of other technologies such as 5G connectivity (and later 6G), the greater deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the increasingly immersive experiences of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.

Thus, it seems that we are in a position to state that the metaverse is the next step in the unstoppable digitization of companies, without ignoring potential risks in matters such as security, ethics, privacy or regulation.


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