European Data Protection Day & Irish Evening

On the occasion of European Data Protection Day , on 28th January, ETNO and GSMA jointly organized a dinner debate with representatives of the Irish Presidency of the EU .   ...

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On the occasion of European Data Protection Day, on 28th January, ETNO and GSMA jointly organized a dinner debate with representatives of the Irish Presidency of the EU.

Both Associations called on the EU Legislators (European Parliament and Council) to work towards the adoption of the new EU Data Protection framework and to ensure that the final text reaches the proper balance between protecting consumers and driving economic growth and innovation.

Daniel Pataki, ETNO Director and former ERG Chair, stressed that the future Regulation would be a major step towards better harmonisation of data protection throughout the EU, leading to increased consumer trust and enhancing the Digital Single Market.

Martin Whitehead, GSMAeurope Director, followed up by asking EU policy makers to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to create a harmonised and consistent set of rules providing legal certainty for individuals and business.

ETNO and GSMAeurope welcome the new territorial scope of the proposed Regulation, which introduces the same obligations for all players offering services to EU citizens, independently of their location, ensuring that EU consumers enjoy a consistent level of protection of their data.

Seamus Carroll from the Irish Department of Justice and currently leading the Council Working Group’s  discussions commented that the key objective of the reform proposals is to increase individuals’ control over their personal data, thereby boosting confidence and trust in the digital economy.

All (public and private) stakeholders involved in the ongoing discussions agree on the need to ensure that European high data protection standards keep pace with emerging technologies and new business models. In the XXI Century, Data Protection rules that cannot penalise companies for working cross-border and innovating. European industry needs a solid legislative framework that will protect citizens and at the same time allow companies to take advantage of Europe’s Digital Single Market, with 500 million potential customers.

ETNO and GSMAeurope member companies are committed to ensuring consumer confidence and trust in a digital world of new innovative services and data use, calling for the necessary flexibility and a balanced approach in the future rules.


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