Energy efficiency in households and industry

Technology is an ally in the goal of reducing energy consumption.

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What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency means reducing energy consumption or using technology that requires less energy to perform the same function, which is key to a greener world.

The Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 7, calls for ensuring access to affordable, secure, sustainable and modern energy in order to reduce, among other things, the 10% of the world’s population that still lacks access to electricity.

Energy efficiency at Telefónica

At Telefónica, “the main savings are achieved by modernising our network and switching off old equipment. To this we add initiatives to reduce energy during off-peak periods and in refrigeration, lighting, power equipment, etc.”

In fact, since 2015, the operator has reduced energy consumption by 8.6%, when data traffic has increased more than 8.6 times, this thanks to the implementation of +1,570 projects that we have been implementing since 2010, saving +13,800GWh and avoiding +4million tonnes of CO2.

Innovative solutions for energy efficiency in the home and industry

Whether in the home or in industry, technological innovation can offer solutions to improve energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency in the home

Innovative solutions related to new technologies, such as the IoT (internet of things), help to save energy.

In the field of home automation, digitalisation is used to control and optimise energy use, for example, by adjusting the temperature, controlling lighting or the use of household appliances, with the possibility of alerting in the event of irregular consumption.

There are even appliances that have an automatic switch-off function after a certain period of time without use as an energy-saving measure, such as the Movistar Plus+ set-top box.

Just as homes are connected, so are buildings; IoT-based systems manage lighting, air conditioning and heating and can also adjust other types of energy consumption in common spaces such as lifts and escalators.

Energy saving tips for our devices

Apart from the possibilities of saving energy in the home, we have a series of simple tips that we can use to increase the energy efficiency of our devices.

Avoid leaving devices switched on even in standby mode, use the energy saving mode, adjust the brightness of the screen or disconnect the charger when not in use are some of the recommendations for saving energy.

We can also take into consideration some ideas to extend the battery life of the mobile phone: do not charge it until it is below 15%, use the official brand charger or switch it off at night (at least once a week).

Energy efficiency in business and industry

Technological innovation is also key to improving energy efficiency in business.

Digitalisation, through different technologies such as advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence or IoT, can help to optimise energy by regulating temperature or using renewable energies to reduce energy costs.

Energy efficiency in Industry 4.0

Beyond the domestic sphere, industrial environments also make intensive use of connectivity. And IoT is also a technology that allows the use of these spaces to be controlled and optimised.

Sensors collect data that can be used to adjust the consumption of equipment, machinery and installations in real time, adjusting their operation to production needs.

Also linked to industrial activity, the world of transport can be helped by the use of IoT tools to save energy. Planning efficient routes is one of the possibilities that can help reduce fuel consumption.

Similarly, IoT sensors can be used to detect energy efficiency problems by monitoring engine performance.


Whether at the individual level with small details or on a larger scale from a business or industrial perspective, there are many possibilities that technology offers to optimise energy use.

Improving energy efficiency, as well as increasing energy accessibility and boosting the use of renewables, is one of the goals set by the UN to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity by 2030.


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