The content creators’ revolution: standing out in a world of algorithms

What do you want to be when you grow up? A few decades ago, the answers were clear. The bets between footballer, singer, movie star or astronaut were very close.

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Now, the world’s future talents are clear: they want to be influencers or, in their professional translation, content creators.

Who would have thought that YouTube, created to share the family videos of its creators, would be the breeding ground for those first well-known faces of the Internet. The celebrities of the new generations. And that this would lead to a whole list of social networks – Instagram, Twitch or TikTok – that have changed more than just our dream profession. Content creators, and the universe around them, have radically transformed the way we consume information, entertainment and knowledge.

The origins of the great revolution

If we go back to the origins of this revolution, one of the main drivers of its growth has been the democratisation of technology and networks. What used to be the work of big production companies and millionaire budgets, nowadays all you need is a smartphone and good internet access to start producing. Finding the idea, the audience and the connection is now something innate to the protagonists. Ibai Llanos, Chiara Ferragni, María Pombo… They all knew how to find their niche in a world that was beginning to take its first steps.

Then came professionalisation. Content creation has become a viable and respected way of life, changing the paradigm of an entire industry: advertising. With their new role as opinion leaders, trendsetters, their image and community of followers, they have become an essential element in reaching their target and authentic audience and, with it, generating millions of dollars in revenue for both themselves and the companies that hire them.

But this story does not stop there. The growth of the world of content creators has also changed the way we consume information. The audience, or community in this case, has access to a wide range of content that goes beyond what is offered by traditional media. From make-up tutorials to video game reviews to podcasts on specialised topics, the choice is endless and tailored to individual interests and preferences.

However, this growth has not been without its challenges. Saturation within the social media world and increasingly fierce competition make it difficult to stand out from the crowd. If we go on the side of that once enabling technology, we also find a new challenge. The algorithms of social media platforms are becoming increasingly complex and accommodating new content creators is difficult. In addition, the pressure to stay relevant and constantly produce content can be overwhelming and lead to creative burnout. Many creators struggle to find a balance between the quality and quantity of their work, which can affect their mental and emotional well-being.

Despite these challenges, the world of content creators continues to grow and evolve. And the demand for fresh, authentic and entertaining content continues to grow, opening up new opportunities for those willing to meet the challenges with creativity and determination.

Gemita’s keys to creating content

Gemma Gallardo, known as Gemita, has distinguished herself as an influential digital content creator in Spain and as a member of Movistar Riders. With a background in physics and previous experience as a research teacher, Gemita has channelled another of her passions through content creation on social media, where she has gained over 1.5 million followers on Twitch, making her one of the most popular streamers in the country. She is also the protagonist of Mejor Conectados, an initiative of Telefónica, where through her experience she tells us her keys to create content and, thus, connect with the audience.

Unlike many streamers who specialise in one type of content, she diversifies her offerings to suit the preferences of her audience on different platforms. From video game content on Twitch to lighthearted posts on TikTok, Gemita constantly seeks to balance her personal interests with the expectations of her audience.

In addition to her diversification of content, Gemita emphasises the importance of transmitting positive values through her platforms. While she acknowledges that social media is not an educational tool per se, she believes she has a responsibility to positively influence her followers, especially among the younger audience.

Gemita promotes the idea that when we genuinely connect with our audience, we can go much further. But this connection is not only about entertaining, but also about inspiring, educating and motivating through the content we create.

To achieve a meaningful connection with her audience, Gemita follows a clear content strategy, planning and organising her posts to keep her community engaged and active. However, she also recognises the importance of knowing how to switch off and take care of her mental wellbeing, as well as handling criticism effectively, always encouraging respect and tolerance on her platforms.


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