Jorge Martínez

Jorge Martínez

Operations, Network and IT at Telefónica Spain

I am Jorge Martínez Nieto, from the IT architecture, technology, planning and engineering department.   

I was born in Madrid in 2000, I am quite passionate about technology since I can remember, I like everything in which we can capture our imagination and our ability to solve problems and create new models.  

My life and my history is quite short, but I got into technology and computer studies when I was 16, I studied Systems Administration.  

Once I finished my studies I started working in a very well known university, IE University, working as a system administrator, also in the resolution of multiple incidences, at the same time I was responsible for a while of the Virtual Reality area.  

I am always attentive and I am always looking to learn as much as possible of everything that surrounds me both personally and in the workplace. And now in Telefónica is exactly where I can acquire the knowledge and skills that I want. 


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