Connect the unconnected: Telefónica’s goal

Discover how Telefónica wants to guarantee access to the digital life to everyone with best-in-class technology without leaving anyone behind.

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The historical development of the Internet has created the most powerful transformational platform on earth. There has never been a technology that has reached so many people so quickly. That’s why Telefónica enables millions of people to access the Internet with the best technology thanks to investments of more than €45 billion over the last 5 years: €25 million every day… more than €1 million per hour!

In this portal you can learn what Telefónica is doing to connect the unconnected.

The Internet is both a platform and infrastructure that underpins all our lives: access to employment opportunities, education, healthcare, agriculture, financial services, entertainment and also our communication has been possible due to enhanced connectivity and Internet services.

In 2017, 47% of the world´s population were using the Internet, but still 4 billion people don’t have access to the network and cannot benefit from this great opportunity.

Discover our position paper “Connect the unconnected: how to bring Internet to everyone”. Telefónica wants to guarantee access to the digital life to everyone with best-in-class technology without leaving anyone behind.

There are three barriers that must be tackled so that everyone gets connected: lack of infrastructures, economic barriers and social obstacles.

But there are more actions to be taken. Internet accessibility also means:

  • AFFORDABILITY: The cost of Internet access is constantly getting cheaper and is in many of our markets already less than €0,50 per day.
  • OPEN & DIVERSE: Improving digital skills Developing local start-ups, talent & content and delivering special services for special people.

In order to expand connectivity to far-off and low income population areas, we need solutions based on a sustainable business model, but in most of these areas current solutions are not sustainable. We have to innovate in order to dramatically reduce CapEx and OpEx requirements to build profitable and long-term sustainable business models.

The good news is that in 2016, roughly 80% of the world population are living in areas that are covered by 3G or 4G network and therefore offer mobile broadband coverage, leaving only 20% of world population with no technical possibility to connect to the mobile Internet.

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