Chainlink strengthens the security of Web3 thanks to the network’s capabilities

The Web3 ecosystem has undergone significant transformations, highlighting the importance of security and trust. Oracles play a crucial role in connecting smart contracts with real-world data, ensuring reliability and accuracy. GSMA Open Gateway offers an innovative solution by introducing standardized Telco APIs, strengthening the functionality and security of smart contracts on Web3.

Chainlink strengthens the security of smart contracts on Web3, through the capabilities offered by telecommunications networks.
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Blockchains and smart contracts have sparked a revolution in the way we handle information, conduct financial transactions, and execute agreements. Blockchain, as a decentralized network of computers, has eliminated counterpart risks by utilizing a single shared digital ledger, radically transforming computing and data storage tasks.

However, smart contracts, while facilitating automated agreements, reintroduce middleman risk into blockchain applications by not being able to access external data due to the isolated nature of these networks. This is where oracles come into play, essential software components that enable smart contracts to securely and reliably obtain external data.

In this scenario, Chainlink emerges as a crucial solution by offering a decentralized oracle platform that provides security and reliability at the same level as the blockchain itself. By developing decentralized oracles, developers can mitigate the risk of centralized control over smart contracts, thereby ensuring the integrity and autonomy of transactions in the crypto ecosystem. With decentralized oracles like Chainlink, a new world of possibilities opens up for smart contracts, enabling a secure and reliable connection to real-world data and external resources. This not only drives adoption and innovation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space, but also promotes a more robust and trustworthy ecosystem for all its participants.

Telefónica, as one of the main telecommunications operators worldwide, is opening its networks to the Web3 ecosystem through the GSMA Open Gateway. This initiative allows Telefónica to securely and reliably provide access to its services, data to developers and applications for the Web3 space. By opening its networks, Telefónica is contributing to the expansion and adoption of Web3 while taking advantage of new business and collaboration opportunities.

In this exciting Web3 security hardening project, Chainlink Functions stands out as an essential tool. This innovative platform allows developers to securely merge smart contracts with a wide range of APIs, including those provided by Telefónica Open Gateway. This integration represents a significant advancement, providing smart contracts with secure and reliable access to real-world data and services, using Chainlink oracles as trusted intermediaries. This collaboration guarantees an additional layer of security and reliability to transactions and operations in the Web3 world.

The project took its first steps with the implementation of the Telefónica Open Gateway SIM SWAP API, a crucial tool to improve the security of smart contracts. This API enables secure verification of changes to devices’ SIM cards, thereby preventing SIM swapping attacks and ensuring the integrity of device data.

This advancement not only strengthens transaction security, but also introduces an additional layer of protection to blockchain transactions. Smart contracts can now query the API, ensuring the integrity of a device’s SIM card. The impact includes two-factor authentication (2FA) and fraud detection in decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized financial services (DeFi) on Web3.

But this is only the beginning: Telefónica and Chainlink have ambitious plans for the future by collaborating closely to develop and launch new APIs that further strengthen the security and reliability of smart contracts in the exciting and ever-changing world of Web3.

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