Birthdays on the centenary day: born to be ‘telefónico’

How does an employee who was born on the same day as Telefónica, April 19, feel?

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This April 19, 2024 Telefónica will be 100 years old.

Through numerous initiatives and activities we are commemorating this centennial anniversary, such as the installation of Iris, a sculpture by Jaume Plensa, in Distrito Telefónica; the celebration of a very special concert, #Telefónica100Live, whose proceeds will go entirely to social purposes or the installation in our corporate headquarters of the tallest Lego in Spain, a replica of the emblematic Gran Vía building.

In addition, several dozen employees of the company share a day of birth with the operator. Some of them wanted to tell us how they feel about this coinciding date.

A coincidence that these colleagues consider as a sign of destiny to be predestined to work in Telefónica or a reason for connection between their personal history and that of the company, in a coincidence that generates illusion as well as a special feeling.

Values shared with Telefónica

Regarding the values shared by the company and themselves, this group of employees considers that not leaving anyone behind, giving the best of ourselves, effort, work, enthusiasm and facing challenges with enthusiasm are issues common to the company and to themselves.

Likewise, being able to help others with attitude and confidence are other traits in which they coincide.

If you want to go deeper into this topic, don’t miss the video with the testimony of those who were born, like Telefónica, on April 19! Ah… and congratulations to those of you who were born on this date, whether or not you were able to participate in the video!


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