A 21st century company should not work by intuition but rather based on data

Chema Alonso has participated at the most important technological event in Chile.

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Fernando Menéndez 

Public Policy, Telefónica.


A 21st century company should not work by intuition but rather based on data. Telefónica is a data-driven company, it aims to improve the services provided to customers though data”, commented Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefónica at the V Digital Country Foundation Summit, the most important technological event for digital development in Chile which took place this week, and where the latest trends in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation needed to face the new industrial revolution were presented.

During his speech, Chema presented the attendees Telefónica’s vision regarding digitalization and how Aura, the company’s cognitive intelligence platform, is going to help to have a new relationship model with the operator’s clients and to be a pioneer in the sector’s digital transformation.

In addition, Chema Alonso explained in statements to the press that it must be the intelligent machines that understand how people speak and handle themselves in order to facilitate their lives, and not the other way around. “Artificial Intelligence should humanize technology even more”, he said. In this sense, Telefónica clients will be able to manage their digital experiences with the company through Aura, configuring their Wi-Fi routers, their data plans, or the television packages they’ve contracted, while simultaneously controlling the data they generate through the use of the company’s products and services transparently and securely. Furthermore, the executive indicated that the platform will be available in at least six countries by the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.



The event also hosted presidential candidates Beatriz Sánchez, Alejandro Guillier, and Sebastián Piñera who presented their political proposals for helping the country to position itself in this new digital revolution. The Summit also included speakers of such standing such as Ashok Krish, Digital Transformation specialist applied to Tata work spaces; Tyler Bryson, Latam Marketing and Sales VP for Microsoft; Luis Garcés, Samsung VP, and the noteworthy Chilean economist Sergio Urzúa.

For his part, Pelayo Covarrubias, President of the Digital Country Foundation, indicated that “the Digital transformation is here to stay and the time to change is now; we must therefore quickly move on to concrete actions, something that implies adapting the productive and educational processes in order to advance in terms of equality and social inclusion for all Chileans. We must work hard to modify what we’re teaching in schools and assimilate the major changes in the job market”.



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