Margarita Candela

Commercial advisor in Jaén

    • In Jaén I continued to work as a commercial adviser until 10-1-1992, when I was transferred to Cartagena.

      I continued in Cartagena until 30-4-1993, when I was transferred to Elche (Alicante).

      On 1-1-2000 I started to work as Sales Coordinator/Head of Sales with a transfer to Alicante city, being in charge of teams with my own 1004 sales service staff until April 2017, on this date and always in Alicante I started to manage the Priority/Unsatisfied team until July 2019, from July 2019 until November of the same year I returned to 1004 Priority service and from December 2019 I have been in charge of CGR teams.

      When I start the management in CGR is with a team of 14 people in Alicante, during the pandemic are joining my team staff in other provinces.

      Currently my team is made up of staff in Alicante, Cordoba, Malaga and Seville. In total 28 people.


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