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Leonardo Soares

Leonardo Soares

Senior Manager of B2B Digital Services at Vivo

I have been working at Telefónica Brasil / Vivo for 17 years. I started my career as a salesperson in one of our shops, worked my way up in B2C and, a little over a year ago, I changed area to become Senior Manager of Digital Services for the Public Sector (B2B). 

During this time I have participated in some of the company’s programmes, such as Mentoring for Startups (Wayra), BlackBlet certification (Lean 6 Sigma) and fostering Open Innovation (Shapers). 

Studying has always been part of my life, I graduated in two faculties (Physical Education and Business Administration and Management) and did three postgraduate degrees in: Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance. 

My hobbies are sport and writing, and www.euceo.com.br is the place where I practice this activity and keep a little of what I learn every day. 

Today I dedicate myself even more to my family, as in addition to my 2 year old son, my wife is pregnant with Maria, who will be born very soon. 


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