Juan Cambeiro

Innovation at Telefónica de España

I have been working in the Telefónica group since September 2001 and I think I have been very lucky in my professional career in this company. I started in what was then the Telefónica Móviles corporation, in a project that sought to define and launch a network services architecture that would be common to all the company’s mobile operators. The global services team was led at the time by Miguel Menchén, and this time taught me to think globally, and to consider the enormous impact that global decisions have when you have multiple operations in different countries.

Years followed in which we tried to transfer all these conclusions to the world of standards, so that the Telco ecosystem would join us and push in the same direction as the work we had defined in previous years. It was a period of intense work that brought about a huge change in perspective on how we saw ourselves at Telefónica. Negotiating contributions with large companies in Asia and the US, many of whom don’t know Telefónica at all, I think is an excellent exercise for those of us who have been with the company for a long time.

And finally I ended up in innovation at Telefónica de España, where I have been enjoying a challenging job for almost 13 years, with projects that are always different, and with the privilege of being able to work with any company in the Spanish business world. Innovating with the client has allowed us to develop a high-performance team that has ended up meshing with the entire company: with sales, with marketing, with strategy, with the technical areas… in a way of operating that I believe would be the envy of any other company’s innovation department.

Shipyards, car factories, sailing competitions, hospitals… at Telefónica you have the privilege of being able to innovate with any sector, and that is priceless.


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