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What is Telefónica’s share capital?

Telefónica's subscribed and fully paid share capital currently amounts to 5,192,131,686 euros and is divided into 5,192,131,686 shares with a nominal value of one euro each.

What is the nominal value of Telefónica's shares?

Telefónica's share capital is divided into shares with a nominal value of one euro each.

What has been the evolution of Telefónica's share capital?

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Who are Telefónica's main shareholders?

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What is the ISIN code for Telefónica's shares?

Telefónica's ISIN code is ES0178430E18.

How can I access Telefónica's share price?

You can access Telefónica's quotation in the following link:

Telefónica's share price

How can I invest in Telefónica S.A. shares?

Individual investors may only invest in shares of Telefónica S.A. through legally authorised financial intermediaries. Ensure that the intermediary that carries out your investment orders is registered in the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) (CNMV) or the Bank of Spain (Banco de España) and is authorised to offer and carry out investment services in Spain.

What expenses/commissions do I have to pay for my investments?

Transactions in stock markets involve certain expenses and commissions for the purchase and sale of securities and there are also custody, administration and management commissions for their deposit. In Spain, the maximum rates applied by legally established intermediaries are public. Find out about these maximum rates, which must be set out in a brochure as a prerequisite for their application.

On which markets are Telefónica's shares traded?

Telefónica's shares are traded on:

• The Spanish stock exchange: Continuous Market, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges

• The Lima Stock Exchange (Peru)

• New York Stock Exchange (USA)

You can find further information in the following link:

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What is the symbol of Telefónica's shares in the different markets?

Spanish continuous market:

Reuters: TEF.MC

Bloomberg: TEF.SM

Stock Exchange of Lima:

Reuters: TELb.LM

Bloomberg: TDP.US

New York Stock Exchange:

Reuters: TEF.N

Bloomberg: TEF.US

Has Telefonica conducted any split or counter-split?

The General Shareholders' Meeting held on 26th March 1999 approved the split of the shares comprising the Company's share capital by dividing each share into three and adjusting the shares nominal value to one euro. The split was carried out at midnight on 23rd July 1999, with each shareholder receiving three new shares of one euro nominal value for each old share. No counter-split has been performed.

Where can I obtain information on Telefónica's ADRs?

An ADR (American Depositary Receipt) is a U.S. negotiable certificate representing the ownership of shares of a company incorporated outside the USA. ADRs are listed and traded in U.S. dollars on the U.S. stock exchange.

You can find all the information about the ADR programme at the following link:

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