The relationship with our stakeholders is the main basis that allows us to generate the Telefónica’s materiality matrix. They help us to identify the principle issues that we must respond, aligning our business sustainability.


To achieve our materiality we start from a specific analysis, which is specific to the entire value chain of the new technologies hypersector and is designed by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi).

The results of analysis, together with our Company strategy, have given way to our materiality matrix, composed of 15 global issues that most concern us and we analyzed from the perspective of value chain, internal processes and customers.


Stakeholder Panel on Responsible Business

In 2015 we took on the challenge of performing an exercise of a total dialogue with our stakeholders, through a panel as a formal and structured dialogue platform. For that reason, we have developed a Stakeholder Panel on Responsible Business and a broader advisory group, which has started operating during 2016. The two of them are composed by experts in social, innovation and the environment, who are consulted on a regular basis. In addition, this panel allows our stakeholders to interact with each other in a structured way, making also the monitoring of common challenges easier.

In these panels, both globally and locally relevant issues are discussed, paying particular attention to markets as relevant as Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Chile markets. This panel has been possible thanks to more than 25 interviews with senior executives of the Group and the implementation of more than 1,500 online surveys in key markets.