Green TIC

At Telefónica, we have competitive Green ICT solutions so that sectors such as transportation, construction, industry and utilities can become more efficient.

These services take advantage of technologies such as cloud computing and M2M communications, among others, to help companies to optimise the use of scarce resources such as energy or water, manage environmental aspects such as waste, the climate and air quality, and reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, we add intelligence to vehicles (smart transport), buildings (smart buildings), meters (smart meters), etc.

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  • Smart transport: fleet management

    Telefónica’s Fleet Management System is based on M2M (machine to machine) technology and it includes the tracking of deliveries and loads, route planning, a telematic navigation system for drivers, vehicle diagnoses, vehicle safety, mobility services and traffic information. Likewise, we have developed an efficiency module to monitor fuel consumption in real time and provide users with information to improve their driving and efficiency.

    Among the advantages of this service, we would particularly highlight cost reduction (lower energy consumption, mileage, communications and personnel expenses) and CO2 emissions, the optimisation of resources (reduction of downtime) and improvements in the average service times.

    Approximate calculations of the benefits of the solution in a number of clients suggest a saving of up to 120,000 km in the distance driven per month, which means an annual fuel reduction of 25-30%.
    The service, offered in collaboration with Masternaut, European leader in fleet management, is now used by over 100 clients and around 6,000 vehicles.

  • Smart M2M

    Smart M2M solution is a best-in-class web-based platform for the connectivity, management and control of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

    The solution incorporates new advanced features such as real time monitoring of traffic type, volume and current consumption, technical supervision of lines (maps of connected devices, advanced diagnostics) and localization. It also offers innovative fraud detection functionalities, including the ability to restrict communications between a list of given devices or the possibility to establish traffic caps.

  • Thinking Things: soluciones loT

    Internet of Things (IOT) has become a key force for the transformation of modern-day business and society.

    At Telefónica, we launched Thinking Things, the first commercial solution that brings the functionality of Internet of Things to any object. This is a set of low-cost modular devices in that you can integrate different sensors and connect to the cloud.

    Until now, it is available an environmental pack which consisting of a set of modules that allows you to monitor and automate in real time and remotely the conditions of temperature, the relative humidity and the light of a space. Soon we will launch other different implementations of Thinking Things that will run more specific functions such as sensors; pressure meters impacts, audio modules and LED notification lights and timers.

  • Smart meters

    Smart meters are the starting point for the development of an intelligent network (smart grid).

    At Telefónica, we offer a complete and flexible solution that allows reading, billing and monitoring of consumption of the distribution network remotely. So, it facilitates, among other things, managing peak demand and reducing customer churn rate. The result is the use of the network so more efficient, with energy savings and CO2 reduction.

    Looking deployment, we have successfully tested a technology solution that combines mobile telephony and mesh. Mobile technology is tested and based on open standards and proven technology is ready to solve the needs of smart meters without the need to deploy additional infrastructure. The mesh network technology, meanwhile, complements cell providing coverage in remote areas and confined spaces.

    In addition, Telefónica has the first platform that combines M2M communications and infrastructure management accountants. The "Connected Metering Platform" simplifies business processes by automating communications management accountants and commercial exploitation of operational data.

  • Smart buildings: automation

    Our Energy Efficient Smart Building solution permits remote, centralised monitoring and control of different environmental aspects of buildings through presence detectors or sensors.

    With this system, you can, for example, adjust and adapt the lighting at each point, programme alerts, etc. In this way, annual energy savings of 35% can be achieved.

  • Virtual Hosting and Cloud computing

    Virtual hosting, a method of hosting content in a virtual space, facilitates the optimisation of energy consumption. At Telefónica, we see virtualisation as a first, green step towards cloud computing.

    The new Alcalá Data Centre (Spain), the company’s largest, is Telefónica’s cloud services base for Europe and it offers customers the Virtual Data Center service, a flexible, tailor-made facility, with which a company obtains a private space in the most secure environment to install all the business applications it needs: email, intranet, corporate portal, CRM, management tools, e-Commerce, etc.

    The centre adopts the Green IT international principles of eco-efficiency and sustainability, which include the latest electricity and climate control infrastructure to reduce energy consumption by approximately 75%.

    The Alcalá Data Centre joins our five data centres managed in Spain and those recently inaugurated in Brazil, Miami and Mexico.