Telefónica’s Eco Smart digital services help companies to increase their energy efficiency and sustainability to enable us to protect our planet together.


In a visual manner, the Eco Smart seal displays the environmental benefits generated by a selection of Telefónica Empresas digital products and services so that our customers can quickly find out how they can help to protect the environment if they subscribe to them. This information can also help them to incorporate sustainability criteria into their purchasing decisions.

These solutions are geared towards companies of different sizes in the key sectors, including tourism, industry, logistics and distribution, retail and banking. Based on a fully renewable and low-emission network, our Eco Smart cloud, IoT, big data and artificial intelligence services reduce energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions and promote the circulation economy. Their benefits are verified by AENOR.

Thanks to them, last year our customers avoided more than 9.5 million tonnes of CO2, carbon equivalent to planting 158 million trees. The result for the four main markets was 8.1 million tCO2.

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Our greatest contribution to the environment comes from digitization.

Telefónica is a founding member of the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC), an initiative of the European Commission and leading European ICT companies to drive green digital solutions in order to create an innovative, sustainable and resilient economy.



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  • Connectivity

    Connectivity is the basis of the digital solutions we offer our customers. This is why our sustainable business model involves transforming them and increasing their capacity offering the very best services with the minimum environmental impact.

    In this transformation we have opted to replace copper with fibre optics, which is 85% more energy efficient, to always use 100% renewable energy and to switch off old networks. Similarly, Telefónica's 5G network is 90% more energy efficient than 4G. Thus, the increase in data usage does not directly correlate with energy use and carbon emissions and we can offer one of the most sustainable networks in the industry as a foundation for a decarbonised economy.

    Based on this connectivity, we offer digital solutions such Digital Workplace, Cloud, IOT and Big Data solutions.

  • Digital Workplace

    Productivity and collaboration solutions allow people both inside and outside the organisation (customers, suppliers, etc.) to connect and work remotely.

    Therefore, they are solutions that generate significant environmental benefits by reducing travel and that reduce fuel consumption and office air conditioning. All this translates into fewer CO2 emissions, and by decongesting the roads, helps reduce air pollution in cities.





  • Cloud

    Every day more and more companies rely on the cloud to carry out a myriad of processes that help them to be more agile, flexible and efficient. The Cloud allows them to securely integrate all their networks and services in the cloud and gives them instant access to critical information, greater control of their business and increased employee collaboration.

    We are committed to offering businesses the solutions that best fit their needs and that's why we have a comprehensive global services portfolio, enhanced by worldwide agreements with leading hyperscalers, including AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure, allowing us to deliver the service that every business needs, wherever they need it.

    Our cloud services use servers hosted in Data Centres that meet high standards of energy efficiency, so the migration of companies to the cloud results in a significant reduction of carbon emissions in the field of information technology, promotes greater circularity, and promotes more sustainable products and services. It allows you to do more with less, leading to a more ecological balance and a greener planet.


  • Public Lighting

    We assist our customers in the complete transformation of their public lighting systems by helping adapt them to the highest standards of efficiency, safety and sustainability.

    The solutions offered range from the replacement of existing street lamps having very low energy efficiency and high light pollution for high performance units with LED technology to the incorporation of wireless point-to-point telecontrol of each lamp, including Nb-IoT communications, the telecontrol devices and management software able to give on/off orders, control the light intensity, measure energy consumption and return time records of the use of the parts of the lamps themselves (LEDs, drivers,...).

    Through all this we can generate important efficiencies from the resulting energy savings, provide improved pedestrian and driver safety and contribute to the reduction of light pollution levels.


  • Smart transport and fleet management

    This IoT solution allows fleet users and managers to know in real time the location and activity of a fleet of vehicles or mobile assets, as well as information about possible engine failures or fuel consumption, etc. It can also generate activity alarms as well as recognise and alert to possible accidents by collecting all kinds of data that would allow for the reconstruction of the accident. The platform can also flexibly produce a variety of reports adapted to the needs of each customer.

    The service consists of plug-and-play equipment, M2M communications and the fleet control and management software platform. In addition, it can integrate other types of hardware that increase the functionalities of the solution, NFC driver identifier, and integration with tachograph, sensors, etc. This solution allows companies to improve their fleet's productivity and optimization, better its road safety and energy efficiency, and keep track of fuel consumption. Fleet managers have key information for making real-time decisions. Drivers also have more information about the vehicle they are driving and how they drive it.

  • Water and gas metering

    End-to-end solution that provides remote management and reading of water and gas meters, bringing with it great advantages: 1. Attaining operational efficiencies derived from the optimisation of pipelines and new use cases, such as identification of consumption patterns, demand forecasting, remote incident detection, etc. 2. Positive revenue impact, enabling fraud detection systems or new business models, such as second home assistance. 3. Improved end-user satisfaction, derived from the elimination of estimated billing and improved incident resolution processes.

    The main elements of the solution are the device (smart meter or other elements such as hubs), Nb-IoT connectivity for extended battery life and a greater penetration in interiors and basements, and the metering and measurement management platform. Additionally, these are complemented with Advanced Analytics or Big Data solutions to implement specific use cases as well as a transversal Security layer applied to all our infrastructures and processes. All this is done by providing unified post-sales support from Telefónica, which acts as a nexus for ensuring these components have guaranteed functioning.

  • Energy Efficiency Solution

    This is an end-to-end proposal that allows our customers to manage their organisation’s energy efficiency and sustainability policies. It features a set of modular and flexible solutions that provide for optimal energy management, increased efficiency and the creation of positive economic and environmental impacts, all while maintaining convenience.

    As the proposal is modular, each customer's installation may require different solutions. In general, these include the following: energy audits pursuant to Spanish law and commissioning of facilities; telemetric systems for power, water or gas consumption; remote management of climate and lighting equipment and even the renovation and installation of infrastructures, such as a solar energy plant for self-consumption. The ultimate goal is to ensure maximum energy efficiency at the customers' facilities, reducing energy consumption at times by up to 25%, while maintaining the service level requirements (temperatures, humidity, etc.). In addition to the personalised attention of an energy manager, all projects include the installation and maintenance of the necessary devices.

  • IoT connectivity: Kite platform

    The Kite platform is a Managed Connectivity IoT service that provides a safe, efficient and robust connection of IoT and M2M devices with our customers’ business processes. In addition to traditional 2G/3G connectivity, it integrates new NB-IoT and LTM-M network technologies oriented to specific use cases in the IoT world, helping to develop new business models and achieve network and device efficiencies (optimising battery life management, for example).

    It also provides control and management capabilities on groups of lines and devices by providing display, monitoring and control operations, notifications and alerts, localisation and technical supervision, all in real time and remotely from anywhere in the world.

    Kite is a transversal solution able to meet the needs of IoT projects, increasing the automation and productivity of our customers' business: having better knowledge of the interconnected devices, thanks to information on their lines and devices and consequently the power to act on them remotely, translates into better measurement, control and communication processes in real time, controlling and reducing the costs associated with their operating processes