Did you know that fibre optics needs 7 times less energy than copper? #ConnectedWithThePlanet


Today, World Environment Day, we discover the green face of our network with these five amazing facts that you probably did not know about. Because more than a decade of work and courageous decisions have led us to have one of the most efficient telecommunications networks in the market, also in terms of energy and carbon.

Fibre migration is a great example. In power plants, it is 85% more energy-efficient in customer access than copper.


We transport almost triple the data with the same energy consumption

Sustainability is all over our network. 740 energy efficiency projects since 2010 (4,000 GWh and 1.27 million tCO2 saved, equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 21 million trees), an ambitious Renewable Energy Plan and unique targets in the sector have made it possible for us, with the same energy consumption as in 2015, to transport almost three times as much data. Good for the company, good for the planet, good for everyone.

>>Discover all about our responsible network deployment and climate change

A challenge (and an achievement) for a company in our sector: the telecommunications industry has increased its energy consumption by 30% between 2010 and 2015.


We successfully issued the first green bond in the sector

Investors, increasingly interested in the negative and positive impact of business on the environment, have begun to recognise the progress of TelefónicaOur issuing of green bonds in January was a success. It has brought us 1,000 million euros destined precisely to extending the fibre in a sustainable way, closing plants, recycling to the maximum…


We overachieved our 2020 goals in 2018

Investor confidence opens up more opportunities, but the demand also increases. We have overachieved our 2020 energy and emissions reduction targets two years in advance and now we have to go for more. For example, 58% of the energy consumption of our network worldwide - 100% in Europe and Brazil- already comes from renewable sources.

The goal? To reach 100% in all markets by 2030 and to be able to shout loudly to our customers that the bytes we offer are also green. By this date we also want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50%. 


We turn our suppliers into our allies

Our commitment to the environment begins, but does not end, with us. That's why we also involve our suppliers, excellent allies to address the climate change. Hence our new challenge: reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chain by 30% per euro bought to 2025 compared to 2016 (these are the so-called emissions of Reach 3). Go for it!


We bet on the digitalisation of our clients

Digitalisation is also the great opportunity that the world has to move towards a low carbon economy. Already in 2018, thanks to our cloud services, teleworking, mobility solutions and energy efficiency based on the Internet of Things (IoT) we save customers 1.4 million tons of CO2, the equivalent of travelling to and from the Earth to the Sun 26 times or making 127,000 trips around the world by car.

But we can multiply this and we are going to do it with IoT, Big Data, AI, etc., because companies and administrations value it more every day and it can help us sell our digital services better. By 2025, we have set ourselves the goal of saving 10 tonnes of customer CO2 for each tonne emitted by Telefónica. Good for the company, good for the planet, good for everyone. #Connected To The Planet


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