10th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change: 10 things to be proud of


Telefónica's Environment, Network, Purchasing, Finance teams ... from all countries have analyzed in this tenth meeting the advances and challenges of the company to be a little greener every day. A brief balance of the achievements and the employees and suppliers awarded for their contribution!


The Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change at Telefónica is the annual meeting point between the leaders of the multinational's energy transformation and the main collaborating companies in the field. This year has brought together 250 experts in Seville. Among the conclusions, the 10 things we are proud of after 10 years on the road:

  1. The bytes we offer are already very green: we transport almost triple the data with the same energy consumption as in 2015.


“We have to be able to control energy consumption levels despite the increase in traffic,” Enrique Blanco, Global CTIO of Telefónica.


  1. We have met the energy and emission reduction targets set for 2020 two years in advance.
  2. Sustainability is in our entire network with 740 energy efficiency projects since 2010 (1.27 million tCO2 saved, equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 21 million trees).
  3. We are a benchmark in renewables with 58% of the electricity we use, which is equivalent to the average annual consumption of 925,000 homes. In Europe and Brazil, 100%!
  4. We have multiplied the solutions that help companies and cities save energy and water, improve waste management, reduce air pollution ...


“Telefónica's Smart Cities platform reduces energy consumption by 24% and water by 15%,” Emilio Gayo, President of Telefónica Spain


  1. We avoid customers 1.4 million tons of CO2, the equivalent of traveling back and forth from Earth to the Sun 26 times or traveling 127,000 times to Earth by car.
  2. We have successfully launched, at the beginning of 2019, the first green bond in the sector amounting to 1,000 million euros.


“Green funds allow diversifying corporate debt and improving financing conditions,” Elena Valderrábano, Global Director of Sustainability at Telefónica



  1. With fiber, in the last three years, we have saved the atmosphere the equivalent of carbon captured by more than 900,000 trees.
  2. We have begun to reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain to reduce them by 30% per-euro purchased in 2025 compared to 2016.
  3. We are in the “List A” of the CDP, the reference report for investors and analysts, for 5 years in recognition of our leadership in this area.


Congratulations to…

Behind these achievements is the good work of many employees and also of the suppliers that help us incorporate the most modern and efficient technologies. Every year during the Workshop we recognize their work in the Energy Efficiency Challenge (EEC) Awards. In this edition, we congratulate:


And we go on…


We will continue working to have the most efficient network in the market in terms of energy and carbon and help, as far as we can, to contain the global temperature rise by 1.5ºC. For this, we are proposing new company objectives that, among other things, will allow us to be a carbon-neutral company in 2050.

And, don't forget, you are part of this. We are #ConnectedWithThePlanet also thanks to you.


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Posted on 06/02/20 13:28.
Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

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