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The internet was once widely perceived as a space for innovation overseen by little to no traditional regulation. However, this paradigm is increasingly being questioned by figures from across government, the private sector, and wider society – who argue in favour of adequate regulation to mitigate the harmful effects of the internet. But what should this regulation look like? Who is responsible for implementing it? It is with this in mind that the European Council on Foreign Relations in collaboration with Telefonica launched a series of workshops in London, Berlin, Washington, Brussels and Madrid to debate these questions with stakeholders. 

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A view from London Can regulation save the Internet?

A view from London


Within the framework of the agreement signed between the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR) and Telefónica, a seminar was held in London that brought together more than twenty leading experts from the UK government, academia, civil society, platforms and the private sector to identify the key issues in Internet regulation and identify possible solutions, based on the UK experience.

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