Telefónica launches Data Transparency Lab

The rise in the amount of tracking and involuntary personal data collection online has alarmed end users and privacy protection institutions. The current lack of transparency around the means of collecting personal data, their processing, and use by the online advertising and e-commerce ecosystem can in the long run damage the sustainability of the online data economy.

We believe that transparency is the catalyst for reconciling privacy with the requirements of the new information economy. Towards this purpose, we have launched a Data Transparency Lab which consists on a community-based effort among universities, businesses and institutions to support research in tools and reporting, in order to shed light upon the use of personal data in online services, and to empower users to be in control of their personal data online.

The Data Transparency Lab will:

• develop the methodologies and tools that will shed light on what happens to our digital trace

• encourage the sharing of data, such as appropriately anonymized browsing patterns and displayed ads, for the purpose of allowing researchers to run additional analysis

Revealing the flow and usage of personal data online and exploring ways towards a transparent and respectful data trade in the future can only be achieved by an open community and thus we invite every interested party to join us in creating and driving this vision together.

On 20th – 21st of November 2014 we are going to host a kickoff workshop in Barcelona. If you would like to participate in the workshop, please complete the registration form found