Telefónica I+D and the Korean carrier KT join forces to consolidate FIWARE as the Internet of Things standard

During the last Mobile World Congress, celebrated in Barcelona, Telefónica I+D announced a partnership with the Korean carrier KT Corporation, the purpose of which is to promote the adoption of FIWARE technologies to accelerate the definition of standards to aid the development of applications connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

This with the confidence that in a near future FIWARE will become the de facto industry standard.

The first fruits of this collaboration are already being borne, with the launch of the IDE project (IoT Data Ecosystem), as part of the GSMA. This initiative is to create a common ecosystem for the exchange of contextual data, which encompasses and integrates data from connected objects. With this step, I+D and KT are helping to generate business opportunities for device manufacturers and network and platform providers, as well as for solution integrators and application developers.

In addition, Telefónica I+D and KT Corporation will support the activities of the software community that will be created to maintain and evolve the platform API specs (programming interfaces). This community will also encourage open source implementations of these specs, to serve as a guide for the rest of the industry. By doing so, they will facilitate the emergence of alternative platform operators.

Finally, both companies will work together to develop models of data standards, for connected objects and devices. These models will, combined with FIWARE APIs, encourage the portability and interoperability of solutions deployed on IoT platforms supported by different carriers.