Telefónica Educación Digital presents the “Mobile for Change” awards

Telefónica Educación Digital presented in Madrid last week the Mobile for Change awards, an international contest launched last March, sponsored by UNESCO, for developing mobile applications that contribute to improving our society and surroundings.

Mobile4Change was created with the goal of offering any participant with an idea for improving their environment and the social good the skills necessary to develop mobile applications, create an App, and, if theirs is chosen as the winner, promotion for the App in international forums.

To be able to participate in the competition, the Apps must be based on:

1. An idea related to:

• Education

• Entrepreneurship

• Healthy lifestyles

• Art and creativity

• Environmental sustainability

• Public safety

• Inclusion of social groups at risk for exclusion

• Empowering women

2. Technology such as Vuforia and Alljoyn, or AppInventor.

The competition also offered participants the possibility for training in these technologies through free courses (MOOCS): Development of Aplicaciones Móviles de Realidad Aumentada and P2P, and Emprendimiento and App Inventor, all found in the Miríada X platform. The competition included three categories: general, in which all presented Apps participated, and two special categories, the first focused on empowering women, and the second for Apps created by youth between the ages of 18-25.

Participation in the contest was a massive success, with more than 706 candidates from 39 countries and four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Average participant age was quite young, between 20 and 26 years old, and the countries with the most candidates were Spain (232), Colombia (101), Mexico and Peru (both with 78). Nine out of 65 apps uploaded to the platform came out as contest winners.

To see the winning applications in each category click here.