Protecting the digital lives of Telefónica’s customers: Eleven Paths

As online fraud, e-crime and other emerging threats migrate from computers to tablets and smart phones, Telefónica is developing products and services to protect customers and their digital lives. It has created a new company called Eleven Paths that has the task of developing new cyber-security services.

Eleven Paths is radically changing the way companies provide security services to customers and big corporations. Eleven Paths is focused on mobile, Cloud Computing and social networking platforms. It is leading a revolution in the development of products and services that protect customers in their digital lives.

Eleven Paths’ products launched include Metashield family of products, allowing to clean up metadata from most of office documents thus preventing the disclosure of any kind of sensitive information aside from the strictly necessary; Faast, a Persistent Pen-testing solution that implements and automatizes all known pen-testing techniques executing a continuous vulnerability analysis to the systems to determine the possible vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches; FOCA, a tool for metadata analysis; and Tacyt, an ecosystem of mobile cyber-intelligence. All of them are used by professionals around the world.

According to Eleven Paths’ CEO, Chema Alonso, “given that threats to computer systems are growing increasingly rapidly, organizations have to assume the appearance of gaps in infrastructure security. That is why we need to implement and automate all penetration test techniques continuously and minimise the time required for the detection of such gaps”.