Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE): a start-up incubator for companies working with open data in Europe

Telefónica is proud to be part of a new partnership to create an Open Data incubator for Europe, which aims to support and fund 50-100 new open data businesses by 2017.

Telefonica´s R&D department and Telefónica Open Future initiative, together with the University of Southampton (UK), Fraunhofer IAIS (Germany), the Guardian (UK), The Open Data Institute (UK) and The Open Knowledge Foundation (Germany) will establish a new European partnership to create the Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE), a start-up incubator for companies working with open data in Europe. This project will be funded by the European Commission with €7.8 million and supported by NGOs, educational institutions, ICT industry bodies and media organisations.
ODINE will provide:

• An innovation program that enables SMEs and start-ups to define, develop, and deploy commercial and social enterprise using open data sets

• The advice and guidance of an ecosystem of experts comprising technology specialists, mentors, and business angels.

This project comes alight, in part, as a result of “The Accelerator and Incubator ecosystem in Europe”, a document published 14 months ago and launched in the London Startup Europe Summit with the presence of the Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes where Telefónica proposed a series of policy recommendations, such as the following: “Policymakers should boost sector-specialised programmes by ensuring that they receive at least 50% of available European funding resources. An effort should be made to create a balance between specialised and generalist programmes of roughly 50-50.”

In the last few months the EC has also promoted another 16 specialized business incubators of the ICT sector under the FIWARE initiative, which will distribute €80M among European technology start-ups to promote FIWARE technology.