Laboratorio de Ciudadanía Digital [Digital Citizen Laboratory]: a program to close the digital divide in Mexico.

The Centro Cultural de España [Spanish Cultural Centre]/AECID (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo [Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation]), Fundación Telefónica México and the Ateneo Español de México presented this week a joint programmed titled “Laboratorio de Ciudadanía Digital”, whose  goal is to contribute to closing the digital divide in Mexico.

The Laboratorio de Ciudadanía Digital is a platform for people that currently do not have access to education and information technology –neighbourhood associations, artists, youth, children, and indigenous immigrant groups – to learn and develop technological skills. It proposes technology use as a tool to empower people through four programs:

MOTORLab: directed towards children and youth in highly marginalised neighbourhoods of Mexico City. This is training based on experimentation with diverse tools including multimedia, video, audio, animation, and radio to create content.

Indigenous speakers: the goal is to preserve and promote knowledge of indigenous Mexican cultures through working and developing the technological skills of women representing those communities.

• Development of a mobile application for self teaching indigenous Mexican languages (Ñu Davi case): with the goal of preserving indigenous languages and fostering cultural identity, a mobile application will be developed that allows for self-study of the Ñu Davi language.

• Affective Wiki map of the Spanish exile in Mexico City: to commemorate 75 years since the arrival of Spanish Republican exile in Mexico, a geolocation application will be developed of the emotional memory of the exile in Mexico.