Changing the management model for services that make the city run: Telefónica’s Smart Logroño project

In a previous case study we explained how the European Union gave us the opportunity to lead the ‘Smart Santander’ project. Now the Logroño city council has been awarded the ‘Smart Logroño’ platform in a consortium led by Telefónica.  

Telefónica will use their Thinking City platform for Smart Logroño, following the same line pioneered in Valencia.  Thinking City, predicted to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2015, will unify three municipal services:

• traffic control

• street light control

• citizen attention service (010), open and available 24 hours a day

The platform will also integrate city incidence and warnings management, from the complaints and suggestions program to specific failure repairs. The rest of municipal services will be integrated progressively, along with a series of quality indicators whose purpose is to establish an ongoing process of improvement for the residents. The control centre will receive and manage a high volume of data coming from its own services and from residents.

With these activities, Telefónica continues the process of converting Spain into the European country with the most efficient, responsible, and sustainable cities; in other words, smart cities, incorporating advances and improvements that transform the way its residents live and work.