Telefónica starts the quintuple-play era in Spain with the launch of “Movistar Verisure Hogar”

- Available exclusively for Movistar customers from 17 June onwards, for 16 euros per month for the service fee and 9 euros for the equipment rental 
- The service is managed from a smartphone via an application downloaded by the user and, in principle, it will be available for iOS and Android 
- Movistar VeriSure Hogar provides a 24-hour, 365-day emergency service (run by VERISURE), access control and video cameras with remote recording 
- These services are possible using Movistar


Madrid, 28 May 2015.- Luis Miguel Gilpérez, President of Telefónica España, and Luis Gil, President of Business Development and Expansion of the SECURITAS DIRECT Group, today presented Movistar VeriSure Hogar, the world’s first quintuple-play service which builds on the advances and technological innovations of the fixed broadband (fibre optic) and mobile (4.5G) systems. The new service offers a pioneering product which is unique in terms of its features. 

Movistar VeriSure Hogar offers customers smarter security for their homes with a 24-hour, 365-day emergency service (run by VERISURE), access control and video cameras with remote recording. It will be available exclusively for customers with Movistar broadband from June 17 onwards at a price of 16 euros a month (including VAT) for the service fee and another 9 euros per month for the equipment rental. Users can install it at home themselves, in addition to self-managing the service via an application on their smartphones. Interested Movistar customers can try the service out free of charge, without any obligation, for 14 days. 

Telefónica and Securitas Direct have decided to combine their experience and know-how to offer their customers a product at the forefront of technology, features and design, intended for those who want to make their home more connected and secure. Both companies are also working on launching new added-value digital services into the market in the future, all aimed at improving people’s everyday lives. 

The Movistar VeriSure Hogar package includes the ability to control authorized and unauthorized home access, video cameras, an immediate response service for emergencies and remote access controlled via an app installed on the user's smartphone. This is possible due to Movistar's permanent fibre optic or ADSL connection and a pioneering transmission system provided by Sigfox, the French company partly owned by Telefónica. This transmission system is impossible to block to ensure rigorous security. 

The only requirement for the service is that the user needs to be a Movistar broadband customer subscribing to any of the versions of Movistar Internet or Movistar Fusion as the system needs connectivity to transmit the images recorded by the camera. To sign up for Movistar VeriSure Hogar customers just need to call 1004 or visit any store in the company network. 

Features of Movistar VeriSure Hogar

Movistar VeriSure Hogar consists of the following elements:


  • A central unit
  • An inhibition detector; this detects whether someone is trying to inhibit it and transmits a warning by sending a notification to the user via the App so that he or she can act accordingly.
  • A door sensor
  • An FHD camera with remote recording.
  • Two keyring-remote controls: Each of them incorporates an SOS button which, in the event of any emergency in the home, is pressed by the customer and a VeriSure operator will provide assistance 24 hours a day.
  • A deterrent plate


Once Movistar VeriSure Hogar has been installed at home, users can use the service via the corresponding application allowing them to configure real-time alerts and notifications, as well as establishing which people are authorized to access established protected areas (children, relatives, etc.). These protected areas mean that when an authorised person enters the home the door sensor detects it and the camera which records and stores the images is activated. Customers receive a notification with the video recording on their smartphones, with the application being able to transmit both the real-time images of the home and the sequences recorded in the cloud.

If, instead, someone unauthorized enters the home, the sensor makes the alarm go off and the camera captures the images and records them on a secure server. At that moment VeriSure calls the customer, who receives a notification with the video and decides how to act. VeriSure, which provides the service, has designed and manufactured all the equipment for Telefónica customers and has developed the mobile management application, as well as providing customer support.

Movistar exclusively offers this service on all its channels, providing the foundations of connectivity needed to power the service - namely fibre optic, ADSL and mobile connectivity. As well as Movistar VeriSure Hogar, Movistar will also market the Securitas Direct alarm, which covers a different segment of the market made up of those who require a high-security service. Movistar customers will be able to sign up for this device on the company's commercial channels at the exclusive price of 39 euros per month, plus 200 euros for extra equipment, which is the best deal available in the market.





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