BBVA streamlines its online advertising campaigns with a new digital marketing tool from Telefónica

Madrid, January 21, 2021.- BBVA has become the first company in Spain to implement in its online advertising campaigns the Tailor-made Ads solution, a contextual marketing tool created by Telefónica's Data Innovation unit. The close collaboration between BBVA's marketing team and the unit's staff has resulted in the deployment of this solution in the bank's various advertising campaigns in recent months, leading to an average improvement of 50% in the click ratio, 60% in the cost-per-click and 70% in the cost-per-lead

Thanks to its many products and work models, not only can Telefónica carry out performance campaigns, in which the aim is to generate sales, but also branding campaigns, which helps in the brand building process, depending on the objectives of each.

The tool is capable of detecting behaviour and consumption patterns thanks to the development of Active Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. This makes it easier for the user to be offered the most appealing product at the most suitable time.

Telefónica and BBVA began their collaboration in 2019 with the advertising campaign aimed at branding Valora, BBVA's online tool that helps you discover the estimated value of the house you want to buy or rent.  After seeing how good the results were, the bank tested this tool in five other campaigns of different types, targeting both individuals and companies.

In the branding aspect, the new tool has enabled 61% more efficiency in cost-per-click (CPC). What's more, the click-through rate (CTR), the basic indicator for measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns, has risen by 54% as a result of the refinements implemented by this new model. Both indicators point directly to the quality of the data used by Telefónica, once the public affected felt identified with the campaign.

In 2020, BBVA decided to go one step further by testing this tool in campaigns aimed at attracting new customers. The results also exceeded expectations thanks to Telefónica's qualified traffic, reducing the cost-per-lead (CPL), the cost of acquiring a potential customer, by an average of 78%.

According to David Del Val, Telefónica's director of Innovation, "collaborating with BBVA is a unique opportunity that allows us to learn first-hand about the challenges a leader faces and how to improve our solutions. The BBVA results have put us on the path to success in an industry where we are taking very important steps and, at the same time, where we have a lot to contribute, since our perspective on data management and privacy is essential to our work".

"In just under two years, the digital marketing industry will face a challenge that will revolutionise the industry: the elimination of cookies. For this reason, this tool, which also offers us the possibility of improving the user's experience and being important to their browsing, will become one of the fundamental pillars in our online advertising campaigns for the coming years," says Cristina Villarroya, head of digital marketing and sales at BBVA in Spain.

The collaboration between BBVA and Telefónica

BBVA considers solutions such as Telefónica's to be fundamental on the path towards achieving excellence in the bank-customer relationship. BBVA is committed to developing its relationship with its customers and Telefónica is a solid partner with which to build the digital marketing tools to achieve this goal.

Telefónica's Digital Marketing catalogue offers a set of solutions based on insights that are used by the company to help companies with their marketing challenges. It also consists of products that improve and personalise the experience of a brand's channels, such as its website, and also a tool to better understand the customer experience that interacts with the brand in digital and physical channels. All this, respecting and putting the privacy of the users first, being transparent and providing them with mechanisms to control their personal data in a digital marketing context.  BBVA and Telefónica are also working on extending their collaboration to use the rest of Telefónica's products.


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