Innovation drives business

We are the global platform of connection between Telefónica and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


We believe that big companies can reinvent themselves by working side-by-side with entrepreneurs worldwide, open to the outside, to define the technology of the future.


We are the interface connecting Telefónica and the world's technological innovators supporting their projects as strategic partners to accelerate the businesses of both.

Our Startups

As pioneers in open innovation, we understand that all companies are faced with two options: innovate or disappear. In a digital world that evolves at a dizzying pace, consumers expect innovation and customer service. Any company that does not place the client at the center of the business will not last long.

We know that, if our commitment is to grow ideas, we need to demonstrate our own growth. We are present in 16 countries with a portfolio of more than 400 startups. Of these,approximately 20% work with Telefónica.

Our initiatives

Wayra is the global interface between Telefónica and entrepreneurial ecosystems. As a strategic partner, Wayra operates through 11 hubs in 10 countries. Our mission is to connect innovators with Telefónica in order to generate joint business opportunities.

Thanks to our strong strategic alliances with public and private partners  , we support local startups in the development phase. Specifically, with these partners we have created Open Future hubs which offer spaces for working, mentoring, and access to exclusive offers from commercial partners, etc. Companies which as yet do not have at least one viable product or are not yet generating business are potential candidates for entry into the Open Future programmes. We have more than 50 spaces in 16 countries.

Our network of venture capital innovation funds has public and private co-investors for financing and accelerating technological companies. This ability to attract external capital makes it possible to multiply the investment capacity and improve the scope. Together, we make six investment funds through which we have invested in more than 100 startups in Europe and Latin America with presence in Spain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

In addition, Telefónica Ventures is our corporate investment fund with offices in Silicon Valley, Israel, China and Spain and through it we invest in mature startups which are in line with Telefónica's global strategy. These can sign agreements to facilitate their services for millions of the company's customers.

We are partners

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Our partners

We enjoy the backing of partners in order to lead open innovation and identify new solutions for the industry. Over 140 public and private partnershave become associated with us through agreements which focus on our different strategic priorities.

Through our initiatives for supporting entrepreneurship, we strengthen the business fabric and economic development of the countries where we are present.

Committed to diversity

At Telefónica, we are no strangers to the lack of diversity in the technological sector, although, as we have witnessed in our day-to-day business, diverse companies are more successful. Therefore, we are committed to women’s entrepreneurship as a transforming tool that enables us to create a fairer, more equal society.

Our data:


  • 20% of our portfolio has has women in senior management positions (70% CEOs or founders).
  • Diverse startups are 50% less likely to fail.

We have several lines of action:


  • Fostering STEM vocations among school-age girls.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship among young girls.
  • Organising leadership and technological skills training for women.
  • Identifying technological entrepreneurship role models.
  • Participating in panel discussions on diversity and women's entrepreneurship.