OnLife Networks


OnLife Networks

One of the biggest challenges we’re facing in Telefónica is the constant updating and improvement of the networks, by bringing them closer to the final user. For over two years, in Core Innovation we’ve been working on this line, developing the OnLife Networks Project. We’re working to make Edge Computing a reality for our clients.

Our goal is to transform the telephone stations into data processing centers by applying the principles of network softwarization, and through the cloudification of services and the use of open source software and hardware. This way, we bring closer the computing resources to the final user, improving thse performance and adapting it more to their needs.

Thanks to OnLife Networks, Telefónica’s clients will enjoy the Edge technology, allowing them advantages such as very low latency rates, the possibility of process big data volumes, guaranteeing the network’s bandwidth, and allowing a better security and privacy.

This way, OnLife Networks takes shape as a solution that will allow to offer the best of both worlds: the quality and security that the apps and services have when at home or at the office, and the flexibility and scale-up economy that the cloud services offer. Thanks to OnLife, services such as Virtual Reality or videogame streaming will be offered from the Edge. Up until now these services were only possible to offer with the quality of local servers. In addition, OnLife Networks also offers advantages for services providers, since it allows to significantly reduce the time it takes to launch services and allows a bigger managing flexibility.

Through projects like OnLife Networks, in Core Innovation we are working for the networks innovation to allow Telefónica to offer the best services to their clients, bringing them directly the future of connectivity.


Internet para todos


Internet para todos

Bringing internet connectivity to everybody, regardless of their origin, is an objective Telefónica carries deep in its DNA. However, there are still many challenges to face, and many people that don’t have internet access. Only in Latin America, there are over 100 million unconnected people.

Thanks to research and innovation, in Core Innovation we received the baton of global connectivity, and we proposed a disruption not only in technological matters, but also in methodology and business aspects, to finally end up hitting the spot in what today is one of the most ambitious and especial projects of the area: Internet para Todos.

The project sets up the construction of networks based on software, and provide internet connection in the most unpopulated rural areas, in this case, of Peru. Thanks to our experience and our innovation expertise, we’ve been capable of generating a sustainable response to a huge challenge, creating an open innovation ecosystem where we work with local entrepreneurs, public administrations and big providers.

Internet Para Todos is not only a project that fills us up with pride and responsibility, but it’s also a continuous adventure that has taken us to fascinating places and made us live unique experiences – like having to travel for 72h in canoe to get to these inhospitable places.

Loyal to our compromise with Telefónica’s philosophy, in Core Innovation we work day by day to break the borders that still exist in the world due to the lack of connectivity, and we do it not only with the trust we are generating in a big-potential, sustainable business, but also with the conviction that we are building a better world.