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Almost 100 years ago, Telefónica was born focused on connecting people through voice. In the 80’s our identity changed to reflect the automation of our service and the internationalization of our company… and was subsequently refreshed to reflect the first data and mobile networks. The classic logo, friendly and human in appearance has been used since 1998 and began our era as a true multinational company, where our business model went from voice to data and content.

Transformation is in our DNA. In recent years, Telefónica has continued to renew itself without stopping: commoditizing fibre, deploying new 5G networks, phasing out copper, diversifying our business model and creating new technological companies in areas such as IoT, Big data, Cloud, cybersecurity or new infrastructures.

Now is the moment for our identity to reflect this new Telefónica. That’s why we’re changing our identity, drawing from our history to project ourselves into the future. Because our legacy is everything that is still to come.

Conectivity, AI, Cloud, IoT, cybersecurity
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Our new identity needed to combine both flexibility and simplicity, to be modern, dynamic and digital, that was consistent with our history and to be perceived as human and close.

We decided not to create something new, but to retrieve one of the company’s historic logos. It was a recognizable logo, differential and dynamic… which honours our legacy and takes us into the future.

We have updated our logo from 1984, simplifying the five circles which reflect the five geographies where we are present (Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and Hispanic America) or the five strategic axes of our transformation plan. But more than just a new logo, we use the circles as a basic element in our new identity… but let us explain it better in the following video.

Our logo has changed, but we maintain our purpose that we’ve had for almost 100 years. To make our world more human by connecting lives. To help companies take advantage of what the digital world has to offer, and to create a more sustainable and inclusive society.

We work each day so that we can all be better connected. Because a better-connected world is a more human world.

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