Founded in 1924, Telefónica operates in Spain, mainly in the fixed and mobile telephone sector, using broadband as the key tool for developing both businesses, along with IT and services. Telefónica España is the leading telecommunications company in Spain for access, taking in voice, data, television and internet access, offering its clients the most innovative services and cutting edge technology to achieve its aim of becoming the first digital telco.

Some of the main figures:

  • Telefónica España handled more than 40.9 million connections at September of 2017
  • Revenue from operations amounts to 9,151 million euros and its OIBDA reached 3,731 million euros in the second quarter of 2017.


CEO Spain: Emilio Gayo


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  • Telefónica S.A. January-December 2017 results report
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Map of Spain

September 2017

  • Accesses

    • Fixed Telephony: 9,387.4

    • Mobile: 17,419.6

    • Internet & Data: 6,040.7

    • Pay TV: 3,766.9

    • Total Accesses: 40,910.3

    • (Data in thousands accesses)

  • Results

    • Revenues: 9,410

    • OIBDA: 3,731

    • (Euros in millions)