EU 2024-2029: Forging a competitive path

Digital by innovation, green by design

In the period 2024-2029, the European Union has the opportunity to underpin the competitiveness of its businesses by building on the combination of environmental sustainability and digital innovation.

Our mission is to provide effective and inclusive connectivity to support the aspirations of a sustainable and resilient Europe. A strong economic base is crucial for Europe’s competitiveness, prosperity, employment, and global role. Therefore, we are committed to all aspects of the digital revolution and artificial intelligence, including infrastructure, connectivity, services, data and investment.

To effectively support the competitiveness of European enterprises, it is essential to implement active policies to boost research, development and innovation in Europe. The new European agenda for this period must also work to promote fair competition both inside and outside the EU.

This institutional and political cycle, should stimulate economic growth through digital innovation, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, among others. This means strengthening digital infrastructure, prioritising cybersecurity, promoting entrepreneurship, providing digital skills to European citizens, and attracting talent to the continent.

Under the slogan “Sustainable by design, innovative by digital” we want to help build a future where technological excellence and environmental commitment converge to define the economic and social prosperity of the European Union.

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EU 2024-2029
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