Central America

The structure of Telefónica Central America groups together the mobile operations of Telefónica in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. Telefónica entered the Panamanian and Nicaraguan markets with the purchase of the operations of Bellsouth in a number of Latin American countries. These two operations (Panama and Nicaragua) commenced operations under the control of Telefónica in the fourth quarter of 2004.

Previously, Telefónica had already been present in the region with mobile operations in Guatemala (since 1999) and El Salvador (since the privatisation of the sector in 1998). In addition, in January 2011, Telefónica won one of the concessions that was tendered out in Costa Rica, in the process of opening up of the Costa Rican mobile market, and Telefónica began to operate mobile telephony services in Costa Rica in November 2011.

Some of the main figures:

  • At 2017, Telefónica's income in Central America was 890 million euros and the OIBDA stood at 263 million euros.


CEO Hispam Norte: Alfonso Gómez Palacio


Central America (Webs and Social Media)

Map of Central America

December 2017

  • Accesses

    • Fixed Telephony: 556

    • Mobile: 12,676

    • Total Accesses: 13,232

    • (Data in thousands accesses)

  • Results

    • Revenues: 890

    • OIBDA: 263

    • (Euros in millions)