The main threats in cyber security, a debate in the fourth Focus Week of Telefónica Open Future_

Digitalisation is spurring on cyber security. In fact, according to Gartner Group, turnover for this sector in 2020 will amount to 150,000 million euros, and over a third of all...

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  • Digitalisation is spurring on cyber security. In fact, according to Gartner Group, turnover for this sector in 2020 will amount to 150,000 million euros, and over a third of all organisations suffered this type of attack, leading to losses of more than 20% in terms of customers, revenue and business opportunities.
  • Telefónica Open Future_ spaces and academies in Europe and Latin America will hold events relating to cyber security from 30 October to 3 November.
  • Cities in Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil are to hold events in which all aspects of cyber security will be discussed, including the present and future, the application of blockchain technology to the fintech sector, digital money, secure mobile applications and how large companies address data security.

Madrid, 24 October 2017.- Telefónica Open Future_ will devote its fourth Focus Week – a week of activities during which the entire Telefónica Open Future_ site network coincides in addressing a hot issue pertaining to innovation and entrepreneurship – to cyber security. From 30 October to 3 November crowdworking spaces and Wayra academies in both Latin America and Europe will be holding different panels, gatherings, talks and debates on a global issue which affects the security of all types of public and private organisations and institutions, regardless of their size, sector or location.

The number of cyberattacks continues to grow yearly. In 2016, more than a third of the organisations which underwent cyber security attacks suffered significant losses, over 20%, in terms of customers, revenue and business opportunities. Even so, the obstacles to improving security processes at companies remain the same: limited budgets, the poor compatibility of systems and a shortage of professionals in the sector (2016 Annual Cyber Security Report, Cisco).

According to forecasts from the Gartner analysis firm, it is therefore estimated that cyber security will achieve turnover of 150,000 million euros by 2020.

In addition, a double phenomenon occurs that underscores the need to protect our businesses. On the one hand, there is the professionalisation of cyber crime, which is increasingly divided taking into account specific areas of the company and types of enterprise, and, on the other, the fact that, unlike in the past, it is not necessary to have a great deal of technical knowledge to perpetrate attacks.

These are some of the reasons why the second Focus Week in 2017 has placed the spotlight on cyber security; this is a strategic field for Telefónica where ElevenPaths solutions are offered that protect the technological assets of its customers and monitor the external environment to protect people, physical properties and ownership of the information.

Open Future_ devoted the first thematic week of the year to Big Data in May. And in 2016 the first two editions of this global initiative were held: Millennial Attitude (from 19 to 23 September) and Women’s Age, on the role of women in entrepreneurship (from 14 to 18 November).

Almeria, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, Lima, London, Malaga, Madrid, Munich, Santiago de Chile, Säo Paolo and Seville are the cities where events will be held in which cyber security will be discussed from every aspect, such as blockchain technology applied to the fintech sector, Dash and digital money, secure mobile applications and the present and future of cyber security. How large companies deal with data security will also be shown.

The full SCHEDULE of activities can be viewed here. It can also be followed using the hashtag #FWCYBERSEC.


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