Telefónica Tech partners with Teradata to expand its AI services

• Telefónica Tech includes Teradata's products in its portfolio and complements them with its advanced professional services to promote artificial intelligence innovation in companies and organizations, optimize their business processes and facilitate their digital transformation.

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Telefónica Tech has partnered with Teradata, which offers the most complete cloud analytics and data platform, including for artificial intelligence (AI), to expand its services and go to market with an advanced proposition that helps companies and organizations in Spain to digitally transform.

The agreement between both companies allows Telefónica Tech to integrate Teradata’s cloud analytics and data platform into its solutions portfolio and complement them with its advanced professional services.

Among the Teradata products that Telefónica Tech will begin to offer to its clients is ClearScape Analytics, which facilitates the use of artificial intelligence models reducing development time and cost; VantageCloud, which leverages the elasticity and scalability of the cloud to optimize data analysis in cloud and hybrid environments and provides a new dimension in decision making; and QueryGrid, which is designed to run queries without moving the data, facilitating unified integration and management of data and reducing risks.

This alliance integrates the capabilities of both companies (Teradata’s cloud analytics and data platform and Telefónica Tech’s professional services) offering its clients the necessary tools to drive innovation, optimize business processes and, ultimately, facilitate their digital transformation.

Carlos Martínez Miguel, director of AI and Data solutions and services at Telefónica Tech, says: “The alliance with Teradata will allow us to offer our clients an evolved offer of artificial intelligence services with which organizations will be able to manage massive data. in a simpler way and promote the use of advanced analytics to optimize business processes. In addition, our professional services will accompany organizations in the adoption and development of these capabilities, allowing them to obtain the maximum return for their business”.

Andy Jaffke, Area VP of Teradata Iberia, highlights: “As a customer, the Telefónica group is already taking advantage of Teradata VantageCloud successfully in many of its subsidiaries globally in both Latin America and Europe. Strengthening the collaboration between both companies, closing a joint sales agreement now, is an important step to promote the digital transformation of Telefónica’s corporate clients around the world, thus facilitating their access to one of the most advanced, powerful, and recognized analytics and data platforms on the market. We are convinced that many companies will recognize the value that our reinforced alliance brings and we are delighted to start the year 2024 strong as a team to serve and accompany Telefónica customers in their digital transformation and innovation projects, incorporating solutions based on artificial intelligence integrated into our VantageCloud platform and ClearScape Analytics offering”.


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