Telefónica, recognised for its action against climate change as a Supplier Engagement Leader 2021 by CDP

·For the third consecutive year, it is distinguished as a leading company for incorporating actions to measure and reduce environmental risks in its value chain into its climate strategy and governance.
·Telefónica has ambitious objectives such as reducing CO2 emissions in its value chain by 39% in 2025, compared to 2016, and achieving "net zero" in 2040.
·CDP, a non-profit organisation specialising in environmental impact, included Telefónica on the A List for the eighth consecutive year.

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Telefónica has been recognised in the Supplier Engagement Ranking 2021 as a leading global company for its action against climate change, by incorporating its value chain into its commitments to have zero net emissions.

Telefónica’s leadership is reflected in its targets: to reduce its value chain emissions by 39% by 2025, compared to 2016, and to reach “net zero” by 2040. To date, the company has achieved a 27.4% reduction.

“Telefónica is very proud to be recognised by CDP as a Supplier Engagement Leader for the third consecutive year. We share this recognition with the suppliers with whom we collaborate to reduce our carbon footprint with ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets. This collaboration inspires us, strengthens our ties and enables us to make the world a more sustainable place,” said Maya Ormazabal, Director of Environment and Human Rights at Telefónica.

The Supplier Engagement Ranking (SER) Leaderboard, made up of 520 companies, provides a rating of how effectively companies engage their supply chains on climate change to ensure a 1.5°C future. Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of Value Chains and Regional Head of Corporates at CDP, points out that companies must act urgently to manage environmental impacts throughout their supply chains and that “Telefónica is a pioneering company driving the transition to a sustainable, zero-emissions future”.

For the telco, reducing Scope 3 emissions is fundamental and therefore, during 2021, it continued to implement its Supplier Engagement Program, inviting the most relevant suppliers in terms of emissions. In overall figures, 262 supplier companies participated, representing 90% of the emissions of its supply chain.

Telefónica also participates in the 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders initiative, which advocates the reduction of emissions by small and medium-sized companies, and in the launch in Spain and the United Kingdom of the SME Climate Hub, which enables SMEs to start their journey towards decarbonisation. It also leads a working group within the JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation) initiative to promote climate action as a sector.

Telefónica’s commitment to the environment is a fundamental pillar of its actions, and it has had a Climate Change Office for more than 16 years and has been on the CDP A List for eight years.

The company focuses all its actions on reducing its environmental impact by decoupling its growth from the emissions generated, reducing the consumption of natural resources and aiming to become a zero waste company by currently recycling 98%.

It also develops green technology solutions, Eco Smart, so that its business customers can minimise their environmental footprint, and works to reduce emissions associated with the use of equipment in the customer’s home, promoting the eco-design of this equipment, such as the HGU (wireless router), which consumes 30% less energy than previous solutions.


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